Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's Happening

What is happening to our country? I have been home today so the television has been on for company as I finish a few things for my craft show this weekend. Boston's tragedy leaving people dead and hurt. Was there any kind of advance signs of problems? We will never know. One minute the news media was saying someone had been arrested and they had to say they hadn't. Are they so anxious to be the first with the story, that they forget what they were taught about reporting the truth. Wouldn't it be better if they kept some of the details to theirselves? Sometimes there is just to much information given to the people who commit these crimes.Then to have the letters back again with the poison, how much more is going to happen in this country. Have we lost all of our common sense to protect us?
 It is a big race weekend here in the midwest. They have already started planning  for extra precaution with the number of race fans that it brings here to the Midwest. They are hoping to prevent an event like what happened in Boston. My heart and prayer goes out to those families who lost love ones or whose love ones were injured. We have a trauma nurse leaving to help at the hospitals from our area. 
There is so much more violence in our country any more. Is it because of all the drugs that have been brought in that is causing it or is it somebody trying to make a name for themselves. Would it help to have more jobs for people to where maybe they wouldn't have a lot of time to get in trouble? If they get caught, should they face a more severe punishment then we are seeing? Do we have the right to protect ourselves and our homes?
 Quite a bit to think about and try to figure out the answer. I will be curious to see what kind of response I get to this post. It isn't my usual kind. 
The weather has been rainy and cold only in the 40's. Hope you all are having sunshine.


Vickie said...

It has been rainy and cold here for a week and a half now. =(
Yes, we do have the right to protect ourselves and our homes.
What is wrong with our country is that we have turned our backs on God.

Ana said...

My heart breaks. So much ugliness out there.

Hope you are doing well my dear friend. Thank you for stopping by. Although I am not 100% better I do feel much better than a week ago...nasty bug really hit me hard. I think you're right, it's this crazy weather. Sending you a great big hug,


LilacsNDreams said...

How true with the weather...I thought this was spring time? Instead it is winter drug out longer:(

My heart goes out to the tragedies with Boston, and also with TX. Things just keep happening, and they seem to be happening more frequently than what we use to see/hear about. I fear for many things, and hope that we as a nation can hold together for what our country once use to be.


OneOldGoat said...

I have to agree with you that maybe it would be best if the media actually kept some things to themselves. I definitely get media-overload and I don't even seek out news. I don't know what is going on but I do agree with Vickie that the problem is that the country has turned its back on God.
I thought your post was very nice.


Debby said...

It is so sad. I don't know what the answer is. I think this time it's someone from our own country which makes it even worse. I don't know how we can stop all of this. I guess we have to keep the hope and pray alot.
I hope that you are well and doing okay.
It is 80 here today........that means big storms coming tomorrow.

NanaDiana said...

It is sad and scary what is going on around us, Shirley. My son, who is a quiet, gentle soul, said (when he saw the 8 year old that had been killed). When they are positive they have the right person they should put him in the square where he injured all those lives and shoot him. I about fell over because he can't even stand hunting for fear of hurting some animal.

Something needs to be done but I don't know what. We have become a Godless nation and it is reflected by what goes on around us. Our kids/grandkids will never know what it was like to grow up in a world where you could play in the street until dark and never have to worry. xo Diana

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Shirley,
You are right. What is happening? We are living in a scary world. Too many have moved away from God.
Sad and ugly times that should never be. Our prayers go out to the people of Boston and Texas and the many families who are suffering.
Wishing you a safe weekend my friend.
Hugs, CM

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hello! I came over here from Diana's blog where I saw where you were from. I live in Missouri, too.

I agree with those that have said we've turned our backs on God. It is so sad what is happening in our beloved country. I can't watch the news lately. It's horrible what has happened, but the media don't help repeat it over and over and all the speculating they do. And, yes, they give out too much information and ideas to those that want to hurt us.

I hope this weather straightens up and gets warmer. It's much too cold today for my liking! We've had too much rain now, too.

I'll sign up as a follower and put you in my sidebar so I can come back and visit! Take care and have a nice weekend!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Shirley your like me this latest vilolence has me asking myself so many questions again.
I agree with everyone that God needs to be first in our lives.
Our biggest problem is we have too many countries that truly hate us and they teach their children to hate us.
I feel so sorry for our grand children because their innocence of being kids is being ripped from them one tragedy at a time.
My biggest fear is that this bombing in Boston might be the beginning of what we have been fearing since 911.
I pray I am wrong on this.