Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Blessing

I came home from the nursing home to hear that family in both St. Louis and Oklahoma City are o.k. Neither said if they had damage, but that can be fixed as long as everybody is o.k. that is the main thing. You can't replace people, but you can replace everything else. It just might take a while.
The sun finally came out late this afternoon, but it stayed on the cool side. They had already turned the boiler off at the nursing home to switch from winter to summer so needless to say some of the residents were complaining. My hubby had put his sweater on over his sweat shirt. He drank coffee for both breakfast and lunch to help warm him up. I was amazed that since he has been there he is drinking more coffee. Usually it would be ice tea for breakfast switching to lemonade later in the day. He never drank it much when we traveled or here at home.
We went for our tootle around the parking lot with my pushing him in his wheelchair. We didn't stay out to long because the wind was out of the northwest and it was cold. Even with the sunshine, it didn't warm up a lot today. I spent a couple of hours today with him. I didn't get up early because he had called me earlier and woke me up then I went back to sleep. I had stayed up to late last night watching movies on the Hallmark Channel so I was sleeping in or so I thought. He had visitors this morning anyways. His oldest two grandsons came to visit while their mom was visiting their other grandpa. He is getting to see more of them.
The insurance adjuster finally came to access the damage at my daughters that was a couple of weeks ago or so. They had more damage then they first thought. He said that the damage was more toward a straight line wind. Now to find someone to do the work that won't rip them off. When you get storm damage of any kind, you always get those who try to make a fast buck. They don't know what they are really doing and they want money up front. If they are really any good, they won't need the money up front. I am still waiting for them to clean some limbs up out of my yard. They keep saying that they are going to do it, but the question is when. 
Hopefully we all have sunshine for awhile so the flood waters can go down and we can all dry out. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay safe.


NanaDiana said...

I am glad your family is okay, Shirley. You are right- anything can be replaced except people!

Sorry your hubby was cold today- I suppose there is not much use in complaining if they have already shut the boiler down for the season.

Is he still wanting to come home from the nursing home? Also, how are you doing? I think you are finally done working, aren't you?

Hope the insurance thing sorts itself out- we are still fighting the insurance company here for the water damage from the upstairs pipes. The house is still all torn up. UGH

Cindy said...

So glad your family are all okay. So many people have suffered.
I think the Hallmark channel has some of the most wonderful movies, I would stay up all night watching them if I could! I worked in a nursing home, seems they have a schedule when to turn heat or a/c on or off, doesn't really matter what the weather is like, it's harder on the residents to adjust than it is for the people who control the temps, and go home to their comfortable houses. Hope he is ok. Hugs to you!

romance-of-roses said...

Dear Shirley, I am back now and been enjoying greeting all my friends. Rick has an infection on his leg from the brace he wears and am taking care of that now plus doctor visits. Is your husband doing alright in the nursing home? Blessings, Lu

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Glad you all are ok. So many floods now too. What a mess everything is.
Stay safe!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

So good that your family is Okay. Hope things dry up for you and that all goes well with the insurance.

20 North Ora said...

I'm so ready for some good weather. This spring has about done me in! Hope you get your yard cleaned up soon. And also, hope your daughter finds a fabulous crew to do her work.