Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crazy Weather Weekend

 Saturday was hotter then the devil at the horse show. His dad got to hot on Saturday so he didn't get to go on Sunday. It was a weird day with it being cold, raining day, until late in the day. I wore a sweater, got wet, and didn't stay to watch Matt and Cleo get his reserve high point. She beat him in the races because her horse would run and Cleo wouldn't go that fast with him on. She takes very good care of him that is for sure. 
The classes were big on Saturday and Sunday only the 4H kids could show. My oldest grandson  got soaked. He didn't have a dry stitch of clothes on when I took him home. It was 69 when I left with it raining. He was chilling and I knew if  I didn't get out of it I wouldn't be walking that good. The bones hurt and get stiff when it is that kind of weather.They had them showing in the rain which I didn't think was good. They did decide to postpone it for a while when there was lightning in the area. If you ride, have you ever rode bareback in the rain with the horse wet. Jake's horse wasn't liking the weather. The only reason Matt was dry was momma had him in the truck and his horse was in the trailer. They didn't have small size shirts so his looks like he has his night shirt on. 
They have a show again this Sunday. It is starting earlier. I hope it isn't to extremely hot, but will have to wait and see. She was going to take them a change of clothes after that happened.
I found that I have a screw in my front tire so I will have to get it fixed in the morning. At least it is not in the sidewall so should be able to fix it easier. I just had to reorganize some of the things that I was going to do. 
We had quite a storm in the area yesterday. We were on the southern edge, but one small town had a tornado near it another had  no electricity, and I saw some tree limbs down, but nothing on the highway. I waited till I thought it cleared the area before I left. I was have to send more information on my other half, or he wasn't going to qualify for help so I had to make trips to the banks and credit union getting them to give me something stating that he was not on the account or that it was closed.Today when I checked on the status, the letter telling me that he wasn't going to get help was voided and he would still get his help.I wonder if I will get a letter telling me that. I didn't get the one that they sent supposedly requesting more information I know I was so mad that I cried when I talked to them on Friday afternoon after I received the letter. When I get really mad, I always cry. 
His little friend two doors down at the nursing home that use to always be embroidering passed away. They would talk and part of the time eat meals together. I would show her what I was working on and she would show me what she was working on. I watched her going down hill. They told me she was getting better. I wonder who they were looking at because it didn't look that way to me. They tell me I should work in that field. No, because I would not put up with some of the stuff that I have seen.
If it is hot in your area, try to stay cool. Have a good rest of the week.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Shirley! It sure was hot today! The humidity was terrible. I had two flat tires in one week! My hubby just went ahead and got 4 new tires on my car. He was tired of me calling and saying I had a flat! Have a nice week! Twyla

Cindy said...

Sounds like you have been busy and in for some crazy weather! Sorry to hear of the friend at the nursing home passing away. I understand your frustrations with the paperwork...so difficult!

Vickie said...

Oh Shirley health issues and health care always are so complicated aren't they?!
I have prayed for you and your husband.♥

NanaDiana said...

Shirley - Your weather sounds like it has been awful! It is hot and humid here today, too, but probably nothing like you have had. I am sorry to hear your friend in the nursing home passed away. Poor lady- at least she is beyond pain and sorrow now. I am glad that you are able to get help for your hubby. I don't know why they have to make things so complicated!
Good luck getting your tire fixed. At least that is an easy fix- xo Diana

Vicki Boster said...

Shirley- your boys are the cutest ever- I know you are so proud of them-- they sure love their horses.
Things just stay so frustrating for you at the nursing home-- I'm so sorry. It's totally senseless-- why does it need to be so hard??!!! I'm very sorry about the lady down the hall- when my Grandma was in the nursing home- we watched a lot of her friends pass away-- it's so sad.

I hope you have a wonderful restful Sunday-- you deserve a nice day:)