Saturday, June 22, 2013


 Jake doing the grand entry on Fergie with two others. His horse is so gentle and didn't care at all that he had the flag. He kept losing his hat.There was just strong enough breeze when he loped that it would come off.  He didn't put enough stuff in the head band to make it tight enough. They did a wonderful job, but I could never get a picture of all three. I will be getting pictures from my son, because his is much better then grandma's. It was very hot and humid. I lasted maybe 2 1/2 hours, but I wanted to go tomorrow. The classes were big and lasted forever to judge them.
 Cleo is wearing Matt's hat. He was standing behind me with his horse waiting on his event that brothers went against each other. There was 14 horses and they were competing against more experience with how they did their age brackets.The more experience one's were the winners. Tomorrow will be different because it is only 4H kids competing. He was helping grandma drink her water and big brother was making sure that my glass stayed full. They didn't want me sick.
 Matt showed brothers horse in halter and he did get third. I was amazed, but the class was better age wise. They were closer in age. I wanted a picture of him. 
They were having the auction where I use to work today. I went down long enough to box up some file cabinets that they were going to sale. I had very mixed emotions on that one. It would be hotter there because you would have buildings blocking what breeze there were. I didn't want to be there.

Pictures were taken to up to grandpa and more pictures will be taken tomorrow. 

What do you think of the Pink Car. They definitely can see him coming. He uses it to promote cancer awareness for people to help raise money. We are having a horse show where they are wearing pink t-shirts to support the cause. One of our members has cancer.
Well I need to call it a day so that I can go tomorrow. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Sweetie! These horse shows must be so much fun for the kids and make you so proud! I'm glad that you survived even 2 1/2 hours in this heat. I'm at the lake in Michigan and it has been in the high 80's. I stayed inside with the air conditioning and worked on washing floors and cleaning the bathrooms mostly as an excuse to stay inside!!!

Hubby bought me two new climbing roses and planted them under my arbor...he's so sweet! I hope you have a great Sunday! Stay cool!

Much love,

NanaDiana said...

Shirley- Just checking in from the road. What wonderful horsemen those kids are turning out to be! I don't know how you stand the heat though. Love the pink car and think it is clever as an advertisement.

It must have been hard to see your business things sold from that old place. Sorry you had to see it go- xo Diana

Vickie said...

Well, you probably know what I think of the pink car! It is awesome! ;)
I love the picture of Matt and Cleo wearing the hat.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

The kids and their horses make great photos! This MO heat has been something. We were away for a few days and it was too HOT! We'll have to rethink going on a road trip in June again. :) You were very brave to get out in the heat to go to the horse shows! Take care and stay cool!

Natascha said...

How hot was it? Cute little guy w ith big horse!