Saturday, April 26, 2014

Will we or Won't we

 Will we or won't we have severe weather later today or tomorrow that is the question? We did get rain on Thursday and some hail nothing big, but now with all of the talk I wonder just how accurate they will be about what they are predicting. . 
   They did get their ballgame in last night. It was a little cool, but grandma enjoyed it. They won 17-5. They only have one girl on their team. It is the first year for boys and girls on the same team. She had never played ball before and my daughter is working with her. It was fun to watch.
    I am a very proud grandma of my oldest grandson who went to state for horse judging. Their team finished 7th out of 47 teams. His partner was 7th and he was 31st out of 177 kids. They scored the highest out of all the teams in the different classes that went from their high school. Amazing job and I couldn't be prouder. I have been watching their green house being build while I wait to pick him up from practice. I wonder what all classes will be offered  so they can get the best use of it. It is really a nice size.
     He is so ready to start riding. He had his MRI  last week and it was inclusive. They don't know what is causing his hearing lost in one ear or his dizzy spells. Now he has to keep a log of when it happens, how long the dizziness last, and go back in 4 months to see the doctor. He is also going to have to do some physical therapy to see if that helps. It was so cute after they got him in his hospital gown he had to walk down the hall to go to another room. He wouldn't until they let him have his pants back he didn't want them seeing his red underwear. He was pretty groggy, but he still wanted to try to wheel himself down the hallway afterwards. He let daddy do it. He watched everything that they did to him and told you all about it.  He and I got to spend some time together while brother was busy on Monday. They are really know their electronics. I have a video on my camera of him playing basketball. I have never got it to run, but he did and he watched himself playing basketball while we waited on brother. . 
   My boys do keep me busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The older two have their first horse show the 17th of this month. Of course, you know where I will spend time and you will probably get tired of hearing about them, but they are my pride and joy.
   You all have a wonderful weekend. I am headed to the nursing home to see hubby and find out what is going on with him. Take care


Vickie said...

I am glad to get caught up with you and your family Shirley. I hope nothing too exciting is happening with your husband today. :)

Charlotte Huffman said...

Hope the rain stays away at least until the weekend is over. Hope your family is doing well.

Louise Michie said...

I send caring and supportive thoughts for the little grandson with the health problem. Anyone can lose their hearing at any age. That is mostly predetermined by our genes. It can look like something else, but it is almost always genetic. But the dizzy spells are very concerning. It also sounds as if his thoughts are getting a bit disordered, worrying about someone seeing his undies in a hospital. He might have a lot of anxiety. Children sometimes get this from watching the news on TV, or a film that contained some realistic but gruesome scene, or from something somebody said. Let him know he is brave, capable, clever, strong, and much loved. Perhaps he would like to read some library books about other countries, or animals, or explorers. I care about children. I love seeing them grow in strength and knowledge. I send this little boy genuine care and support. He looks so vulnerable in the photo; he is a very young boy to be going through this puzzling time.

Quinn said...

Always so much going on in your life, Shirley! I hope all is well. Have a great weekend :)

Susie said...

Shirley , That was great about your g.son's placing. Their team is very good. I hope and pray the little one comes along fine. Praying we do not get bad storms and heavy rains. Take care, xoxo,Susie

Blondie's Journal said...

My little weather icon shows rain starting tomorrow through Thursday. I was going to throw some grass seed down today and then got busy doing something else. I hope it holds off a little tomorrow so I can get tit done. Then again, last fall I spread the seed, the rain came shortly after and washed it all away!

I hope the doctors find out what's wrong with your grandsons problems. I'm hearing impaired and I wouldn't want to see a young person live with what I do. I'm not pitying myself, it's just that most people take their hearing and eyesight for granted. I wish there were alternatives to hearing aids...they are useless.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Shirley, hope you found your hubby doing well. I'm so sorry your little g'son has the hearing loss and dizziness. Having had dizziness off and on myself for years, I hate to think how hard it is for a young one to handle. Hope they find out the cause and can help him.
I do hope they are wrong about this "possible severe tornado outbreak" that is all the news. I do hope the storms, if we get them, are over by nightfall. That is the worst time when you can't see the sky or wanting to sleep. Stay safe!

Mereknits said...

I am an Occupational Therapist and I work with little ones. I was wondering if your grandson has ever fallen and hit his head? I have done cranial work on a little one who has hit her head and she had severe headaches. I think if she had hit her head near her ear she could easily have had hearing loss and dizzy spells as those two functions are located in the temporal area behind the ear. Maybe you should find someone in your area that does cranial sacral work and have this little one checked out. That could be an OT, PT or massage therapist.

Gert said...

Congrats on your grandsons! Judging,winning the game and that sweet little one for making it through a MRI! Love the pic of him riding! You are such a good..good grandma! Hope hubby is doing well.


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

It's suppose to be very icky here this week too. There were terrible storms in NC the other day. Mother nature is having some issues for sure.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Dear Shirley, So nice to see you and even more so since I was thinking of you this morning and making a mental note to stop by and catch up.
Congrats to your grandson and how well he did placing so high. I know you are a very proud grandma and rightfully so.

I hope you dodge the bad weather. For us we are into Texas storm season and from day to day one never knows what might happen. We watch the weather reports close to know if we have to move flowers or not.

I pray your little grandson improves and doctors figure out what is going on with his symptoms.
Also hope your hubby is better with his cough too. You take good care of yourself to stay well. You've got to keep up with those grands right?? Have a fun season with them and all the activities.

Wishing you a great week and sending BIG Texas Hugs!!