Friday, June 6, 2014

A Little of this and that

   A pony that a little boy can love all over and she just lets him do it. People have wanted to buy her, but they don't want to sell her because she was his first pony. It was hot that day and you can tell he was bored because of the size of the class. It almost looked as though he was going to take a nap. Our two shows have been cancelled this weekend because of all of the storms and rain that we have received this week. We have a couple of places that the water stands which doesn't help.
   Tuesday night we had tornadoes to the west and east of us and I don't like being in the middle, but we had the winds,  lightening. A transformer blew in the neighborhood, but it wasn't one that effected me. Some lost their electricity, my sons was still off when my DIL went to work.  I was lucky that I didn't lose mine. I just know I didn't sleep good and I had to be up to go with hubby to the doctor's office. We got a good report from her. She isn't changing anything, but I hate that word "Maintaining". I keep praying for a miracle. I was glad that we weren't down there yesterday with the storms they were getting. We did get headed home before former Vice-President Dick Cheney arrived in town. They were getting ready to block streets. It was awesome to see the huge flag raised at the Broadway bridge as we crossed it and I didn't have my camera with me.

  Any body want to play ball. My oldest was trying to get the ball between to cones. You had to do that before you could try the next thing. They had fun. 
  I didn't get to go to the show this past weekend, but Matt and Fergie got reserve high point in his age group. Really proud of him and brother missed reserve high point by one point because he didn't get his flag on the inside of the barrel instead it was hanging on the outside. He did get first in poles which made him happy. They had fun and that was all that mattered. Dad got be a dad for the boys and enjoy it instead of having to do other things. It is the same day that Platte County uses our arena for their 4 h show. Normally he had to be there, but the V/P filled in for him and did a beautiful job.
   Another humid day with possibilities of storms again today. Hopefully it waits until my youngest grandson gets through with day camp for scouts. He couldn't miss summer school because he was going to get to be on the computer. We all know how important that is right. 
   I am not looking forward to going to the nursing home today. I have to address a couple of issues. Why can't people just do their jobs like they are suppose to do. I have the feeling that I will probably just get lip service, but I won't go away until they address the issue. At least this year he can watch the fireworks out his window if he wants to instead of going outside. 
   I need to get going so I had better bring it to a close. I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my ramblings and leave a comment. It means the world to me right now. I will keep popping in and out of your blogs, just be patient with me. I got my custom order done and is ready for delivery. Have a great weekend. Be safe and careful. The storms pop up really fast. 


Mereknits said...

Shirley, bless your heart there is always so much to take care of when your loved one is in an extended care facility. The staff try hard, but they are so busy and overwhelmed. Good luck with the grandboys,

Susie said...

Shirley, I hope you don't get any more storms. I am also hoping your husband can get better. I know you are carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders. The boys are doing well, that's good. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Vickie said...

Shirley, that first picture is ADORABLE! I am so sorry you continue to go through junk at the nursing home. The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

NanaDiana said...

Hi Shirley. I am glad they won't sell the pony. It is so cute and look how he loves on that sweet little horse. Those pictures are so cute!

I saw that MO got hit with a lot of storms and my friend that lives in MO said that the two towns close to here with both without power. It is scary, isn't it? We have had rain but nothing like you have had there.

I am so sorry that you have to keep going through these issues with the nursing facility. It is just awful that they can't do the things they are supposed to do without you having to get on them about it. Your poor hubby.

I am glad he has a nice window view though and that he got moved. It must be hard to hear that he is "maintaining" rather than improving. I know it must cause heartache for you. You wonder sometimes why good people have to suffer....I don't understand it at all. You work your whole life o retire and enjoy life and then things happen to us physically that make life difficult.

Praying for both of you, Shirley- xo Diana

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Shirley- I'm sorry I've been away for a bit. I love seeing photos of your grandsons- they are so cute-- makes me smile--,always.

I'm sorry you have to constantly call the nursing home people to task- that's so worrisome. Your husband is so lucky to have you to be his advocate.


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sending you a big giant enormous hug!

Nancy said...

OK, Shirley, you do what you need to do with the staff! Sometimes they just need to be reminded, sometimes they are overworked, sometimes they don't care, and sometimes they wish they had the energy to care. No matter, YOU are your hubby's advocate and you will never regret stepping up to make sure he has everything he needs. I'm cheering you on! Go, Shirley!

And the storms? Stay safe. =)

Hugs, Nancy

Melody Brown said...

Hi Shirley!
Glad to see all is well with you. Everything's still the same here...
sigh. It's getting harder and harder get em up and goin, but at least they are no worse than the last time we typed. We've been lucky lots of rain no storms.