Sunday, July 13, 2014

Busy Weekend

    The start of Saturday morning with the grand entry. My oldest grandson Jake carrying our flag to start the show. It was hot and humid, but we survive the day. I somehow sunburned the end of my nose. I don't really know how I did it because I had a hat on. I have been taking him to the college for his driver's training classes.I took him to get his permit so that he can drive with a license driver. He got to chauffeur dad home from the show and mom a couple of times.
   Matt had a wonderful afternoon. Fergie is a wonderful horse for him who takes very good care of him. If you notice the yellow green bandana under his helmet, when he was doing the trail pattern it kept slipping down over his eyes. Even though at times it was over his eyes, they did an awesome job. She took care of him and did her thing. It was awesome to watch. He didn't want grandma taking his pictures. He was the 2014 Novice High Point rider for the day. We are so proud of him. He was tired but he did an awesome job. 

  I tried to get a picture of him with his trophy. His face was lit up with smiles. They were to show again this afternoon, but it got rained out so that let grandma go watch Ethan's team  play for the championship. They lost by one run, but they still played awesome. 

   Matt had his first appointment with the physical therapist at Children's Mercy hospital. His mom made all of the appointments that he will need as follow-ups while she was there because she is to hard to get in to see. She is the only one certified.  I am hoping that she can solve  the problem with the dizziness and getting sick. We still don't know why he is losing his hearing, but therapist said he had probably been having this problem for quite a while with getting dizzy only now it was to the point where it made him physically sick.She gave him exercises to do at home. 
   I hope you don't get tired of seeing the kids with their horses.Jake seemed like he was stuck in a rut with his placements, but he was in larger groups.  

  They let them wear tee shirts after a certain point in the afternoon. Grandma survived just fine other then sunburning the end of my nose.
   We had storms last night so the horse show was cancelled for them today. They got to rest.  I don't know how much rain we got, but my son said they had over an inch. I just know at first I thought it was fireworks that they shoot off when the Mustangs are at home in town. I soon learned otherwise.
   I have one week of chauffeuring left then it will be getting back to my regular routine. I need to get back on a custom order I am working on and you all probably all tired of my rambling. Have a wonderful week. Try to stay cool if you are out in the heat. Take care.


Beth said...

I love reading about your grandkids Shirley!!

Charlotte Huffman said...

What a busy weekend! Love reading about your talented grandkids. Take care of that sunburn!

Quinn said...

You are a dedicated grandma, Shirley! I can't take sitting in the heat and sun (and here, the humidity) for very long at all. Though I can remember getting on a horse and riding when it was so hot it could make you faint. Not anymore, though.
Take care of yourself, now!

Susie said...

Shirley, I know that you driving the children to and from their functions is a blessing for the parents...some times it takes us all to help a family grow. Your grandsons have done very well in their chosen sports. You may need to get a bigger brimmed hat for the really sunny days. I am wishing all of you many blessings, and especially your grandson who is having the hearing issues. God be with you, xoxo,Susie