Tuesday, August 12, 2014


     Are we sure that it is August? I woke up this morning to 54 degrees. I will take it, but then what is our fall really going to be like. The sun is shining today. Thursday will be the last day of the Chief's training camp in town. My youngest grandson got to go to their preseason game on his birthday. He was in the his height of glory. It was awesome he told me. It doesn't seem like he should be 9 starting the third grade this year. They just grow up to fast. 
   This week has started off a little different. I spent yesterday at home embroidering. Today I have a couple of errands to run and then off to the nursing home as the doctor is suppose to be there today. It always irritates me that they can make decisions by just reading the charts. He will be going down to the eye doctors this next month. He was my wake up call. If I don't have anything special to do, I stay up to late and then sleep late. Not a good habit to get into I know. 
   Our Trails West starts this weekend so  it will probably turned hot and we could even have some rain. That is the way that it normally does. I know that it is very expensive if you want to be a vendor. At least they have done away with tickets for the food vendors. That was such a pain because you never knew how many you needed. One day if you go between ll A.M. and 2 P.M. you get in free otherwise it cost 8.00 in advance and 10.00 at the gate. I think it keeps some people away that might go elsewise. 
   School starts this next week. I will have a Sophomore, 4th grade, and a third grader. It doesn't seem like they should be that old. Today, Matt goes to the ear doctor to see what they are going to do about the hearing lost. They say the dizziness and hearing lost aren't related. I just know that neither slow him down much. He has several trips to see the physical therapist. I don't think I am using the right word for exactly what she does, but he says that she is awesome. It is all that matters because if they like them they will do for them. 
   I am going out to their house tomorrow and Thursday to be with the boys before they go back to school. I won't know what to do with myself while they are in school. Haha. I don't think I will spend every day at the nursing home because then he expects it. I need some "me" time every so often. Then I have my doctor appointment the last week of the month. It is just follow up nothing wrong, just making sure the medicine is doing what it is suppose to do. I had my eye doctor visit and they are doing nicely. I don't have to go back for a year. He gave me some new eye drops to try. They are seeming to do a better job.
   Next two weekends are the horse shows that got rained out so I will go watch them ride. I will deliver a custom order on Saturday to a lady who's daughter will be riding so I will probably watch for a while, but if it is hot and they aren't riding then I probably won't stay that long. I know they will show on Sunday because that is our show. 
  We will have cowboy church before they start on Sunday. Then their will be breakfast items they can get from the cook shack. It will be a fun time. 
  My lady from Springfield liked my work and bought 3. She was up to visit with her friends that she went to school with. It is their 50th class reunion. I don't want to think about how many years we have been out, but more then that.
  To all of those who need special prayers and you know who you are just know that you are included on my list. Especially those suffering from that nasty word Cancer.  Well I need to get to going to run my errands so you all have a wonderful day and take care.   


Susie said...

Shirley, Hoping your day goes well. You seem to keep busy. I am in shock about my grandkids going to school today too. Yes, you do need your own time, and never feel guilty about it. You need to take care of your health also. I am sending you good wishes. xoxo,Susie

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I agree with Susie. You need time for yourself so you can stay healthy and strong. You are so giving to others, Shirley, so please take care of you, too!
I can't believe how fast this summer went. It's just so hard to think about school starting already. Where did the time go???
Take care and have a nice day!

Vickie said...

A nice post to get caught up with you Shirley. I was so happy to read at the end that I am on your prayer list then!

Mereknits said...

My dear Shirley, you are always so busy taking care of everyone else you deserve a lot of "Me" time. And you are right you can not visit everyday because if you do you set it up and then you must continue that way. It will wear you down. Take time for yourself.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hi ya sweets! Just hopping by to say I love you and think about you all the time even when I can't be here to comment on your blog. Please know you are sent light, love and lots of hugs every single day!

Debby said...

Hi Shirley. I need your address to mail your package. You can send it to clowninabug@gmail.com
Thank you my dear.