Wednesday, August 6, 2014


   Family is very important in one's life because you never know what will happen. We had my family reunion over the weekend. There were eight out of ten brothers and sisters with our extended families there. You think that you have problems, but there is always someone, who has something worse that I feel thankful that hubby doesn't have. My brothers and sisters range from 80's to my youngest sister being 60 so you know none of us are spring chickens.
   I think that I can deal with most anything excepting Dementia, which my one brother has. He still driving his car and I think he needs his keys taken away. They say he doesn't go far, but he could get turned around and you would never know where he would go. I don't think I could handle that at home. I think it would put to much stress on me. 
  The youngest of the extended family was 11 months, but it was a very enjoyable afternoon. There is two weddings in the near future. One in October and I am not sure about the other one. The one in October there is three sets of families with that want to invite everybody. My niece said only if they want to pay for it. It is their only daughter. I am making a wedding present, but I have no idea if I will be invited or not where do you stop. Do you invite just family or what? I will just wait and see if the invitation comes in the mail. The other one is flying to Jamaica to get married and they will have a reception for them later. 
  What is with kids getting married outside of the US. Is it that much cheaper? Have we priced ourselves to high anymore? Is that why kids are just living together instead of getting married? 
   We had lots of food and probably ate to much. If you go away hungry then it is no ones fault but your own.  My oldest grandson was happy he was going to drive home. I went with my daughter and my youngest grandson. He wanted to meet his family. Lots of visiting, just not enough hours, but we have already reserved the same spot for next year. 
   Well I am off to see hubby this afternoon. We may have some storms later on. Just have to wait and see. Take care. 


Vickie said...

I am glad the reunion was a great success!
I do not know what is wrong with young people today. If you mention to just about anyone these days how wrong it is to live together, they think you are nuts!

Debby said...

It sounds like so much fun. So many siblings and that makes so many extended family members.
With that big of a family it would be hard to dram the line on invites. Weddings can be so expensive. Why don't they just go back to cake, punch, mints and nuts.
I hope the storms are mild. Hope hubby is doing well. Hugs

Susie said...

Shirley, Our lives are short and we do not know what could be in store for us. You counted your blessings when you knew about your brother. I do that too. My aches and pains do not compare to others. I hope you enjoyed your time with family. Give your husband an extra hug. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Anonymous said...

sounds like you all had a good time, its too bad about your bothers dementia, that is scary, its so hard to step in, I know weddings are pricey but I think its "in" style for destination weddings, ou daughter is getting married soon, just a small wedding but very costly, I hope your husband is well,

Louise Michie said...

I like the idea of getting married in Jamaica. If the couple have already lived together then the wedding is really just an official thing. When one of my nephews got married after living with his girlfriend for a year we gave a donation to UNICEF as a wedding present. The happy couple did not need anything, but somewhere in the world somebody did. The bride and groom insisted on no guests other than their parents. Photos went on Facebook. Everyone was happy.

Sharon Chapman said...

I so enjoy reading about your family and your reunion sounds like it was great fun. I am sorry about your brother, that is so hard to deal with emotionally.

Sharon Chapman said...
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Vicki Boster said...

Shirley- you are blessed to still have so many of your sisters and brothers to visit. It must be so hard to watch your older brother go through the stages of dementia. That's just so sad.

I'm glad you are having a nice summer with your family and those adorable boys. Bless your heart for all those trips you make to the nursing home to be with your husband. You are such a wonderful devoted wife-- he is so lucky to have you. I hope he is doing as best as can be ----

Sending you love--

Mereknits said...

It is lovely to have a big family, mine is far smaller than I would like. Glad you had a lovely time with everyone.

Quinn said...

You are so right, Shirley. Yesterday I heard very sad news about the illness of a friend I haven't seen in years. Made me remember - again - the importance of appreciating what I CAN do, and not wasting time on regrets or frustration over increasing limitations.
And you are so lucky to have a family that enjoys each others' company and makes an effort to do things together. Take care of yourself, and have a wonder-full week!

Debby said...

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