Wednesday, March 25, 2015

No Pictures

Hi Friends, I am working with a new computer program and I haven't got the bugs worked out yet. I am just about to the point to where I want to shove the computer in the river. I didn't really want to spend any more money on it, but I may have to find a way to fit it in my budget. It is just irritating. We have had stormy weather the last two days and on the cool side. We had hail last night when the storm came through. Looking out the window it was bigger then pea size. I don\t really know how much we got. It rained on me all the way home from the nursing home. The closer I got to home the harder it rained. It never did reach the 50's like they were forecasting.
    We had such a beautiful weekend  with the wonderful weather. My magnolia tree is going to freeze because we are to get down to 28 one night this week. It wouldn't be normal if it didn't  because we normally have it happen  every other year. Last year it was beautiful. I will be glad when this month is over. 
     My baby quilt is sold before I even get it finished. I will try to show you a picture. I have just a little left on it to do. I haven't been able to get my printer to work nor have I been able to load pictures yet. I will keep trying. Maybe my grandson will be able to get it accomplished for me, but he is busy right at the moment. 
      The new fence is going up at out horse arena and it is really going to look nice when we have it done. After they get  all the panels set, it will be time to paint. The last report I had they were going to have white fencing and blue gates. Our sign designating out arena is white with the blue lettering. They have done a lot of work and hopefully it will bring more people to show their horses. 
     It is almost time for Spring break. The weather isn't cooperating very good this year for it.  My youngest grandson has strep throat so grandma is staying clear right at the moment. They have it in the schools. Why do people send their kids to school sick? He got sick at school and they thought he had the flu. They took him to urgent care and found out differently. I just want them to all be healthy for Easter so the family can be together. 
    Hope you all are doing well. Take care and watch out for the bad weather with the storms. It is that time of the year.  


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am sorry that you have had so many problems with your computer. What a mess. I hope your grandson can figure it out for you.

Too bad about the strep throat. That is NOTHING to mess with and can turn into something worse if not treated. Glad they caught it and he is on antibiotics.

Sending you a separate email. xo Diana

Linda said...

I hate computer problems and do not have a clue as to what to do - so we have a Geek Squad membership. Of course Louis Dean is the one who carries the problem in to them and I usually bake them a batch of cookies or something.
It's amazing the difference in weather in the different parts of the country. It was in the 80's here today and we still have our doors open this evening!

Blondie's Journal said...

I hope you get the computer figured out...sometimes you have to fiddle and fidle with it but I know-who has the time.

We were supposed to get the thunderstorms last night, too. A no-show!!

Take care and I will try to get by more often. And congrats on selling the baby do lovely work! :)

Jane x

Charlotte Huffman said...

We're expecting low temps this weekend too. My magnnolia tree is beautiful and I hope the cold weather doesn't kill the blooms. Hope everyone is doing well.

chateau chic said...

I hope you've gotten all your computer problems worked out...that can be so annoying and frustrating. It finally feels like spring here today, but not sure it's going to last.
Mary Alice

Mereknits said...

Take good care of yourself Shirley and steer clear of that strep throat.

Quinn said...

Sympathy on your computer woes! I won't even start on mine...
Sounds like you folks are putting up a real fence, if there's painting to be done? Out here it seems to be all that white plastic stuff for "board" fences now. It's low-maintenance, which I can understand, but it still looks like plastic to me.
Take care, Shirley! I hope you and yours have a lovely weekend.