Friday, March 6, 2015

Sun Shine

    The sun is shining this morning and we are having a heat wave today. We are to get in the 50's believe it or not. Can you believe that we are to have 70's this next week? I can't wait. I would like to open the windows and air the house if we make it to there. I pray for all those that have had the bad weather and think about when all the snow melts there will probably be floods. Mother Nature hasn't shown any favoritism this year for sure. Places that don't really understand snow and ice have had to deal with it this year. I know some traveling didn't plan on their drive taking them longer to reach their destination. The southern route you aren't suppose to see the snow and ice, but that wasn't the case this year. Hopefully we don't skip spring and go directly into summer this year.
    Last night was my youngest grandson's music program. They combined the 2nd and 3rd grade and really did a good job. He had a part that he had to tryout for and did a really good job. Very proud of the him. They always have their programs at the mall because they don't have a big enough gym to handle their programs at school.
   Spring is getting closer and I know that we are all anxious for it to arrive. We want the warmer weather. It also means the kids can get outside to play in the sunshine. My oldest two grandsons will be riding their horses more.
   I don't know about you, but there is so much sickness going around this year and the flu vaccination was really for nothing in my opinion. It is the first year that I didn't get the flu shot and I am glad that I didn't. I have managed to stay pretty healthy even going to visit the nursing home I didn't get sick like they were. I prayed a lot that I wouldn't. I continue to pray for all of those in need whether it is because of the devastating weather,sickness, or whatever they need a pray for. You can never have enough and it gives you the strength to help you get through the rough times. 
   If your parents are still alive, call them, visit them, because you will wish later that you could do that very thing. You might get mad at them at times. I know that when I was growing up my parents allowed us kids to argue and voice our opinions from the time we got up until we went to bed. We didn't want to get into fights because that is when they would step in and you didn't want that. They would also tell us what they thought about whatever. At least we weren't told to shut up because we didn't know what we were talking about like some do to kids today. We didn't have all of the fancy things, but we had love. I know we didn't have a television until I was a senior in high school. Families spent more time together.
   Have a wonderful day and if you have sunshine enjoy it. 


sweet violets said...

Yes, we also have beautiful sunshine today, however it is 14 out there!! I too look forward to the windows being open and enjoying fresh air. No matter how cold, I still open the window in my bedroom when the sheets get changed, then close it right up again!!!

They say a brutal summer will follow a brutal winter......oh, I hope not!! stay healthy friend......Cleo

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad your weather is improving. We are supposed to get in the 40's next week and I can't wait. That will feel like Spring to us for sure.
I am so glad that you didn't get the flu (or sick) this winter, Shirley-especially since you are in and out of the nursing home so often.
Glad the kids' concert was a good one. It is always fun to watch the little kids.
I agree with you about calling your parents. I lost my dad at 21 and still miss him---my mother at 35 and any chance of reconciliation you might have will be gone with them.
Have a blessed weekend, Shirley. Love to you- xo Diana

Charlotte Huffman said...

We have sunshine today also. Yesterday was rainy and cold. Glad you're staying well. The flu bug caught me last month. Stay warm!

Cindy said...

You're so sweet, and you have me actually believing Spring is on it's way. In Michigan, we still have at least a foot of snow on the ground, but when the skies are blue and the sun is shining it makes all the difference. You are so right about calling your parents when you can. In my mom's situation with Alzheimer's we used to talk EVERY day at least once. Now, although she is still alive I can no longer call her or get a call from her. So, those that think they have time, you never know. Keep us in your prayers and I will keep you and your family in mine as well. Have a good weekend!! Hugs to you!

Mereknits said...

I hope you enjoy those great Spring breezes my friend.
Hugs to you,

Vickie said...

God bless you Shirley.
I talk with my Mom at least once a week. See her at least once a month.
It will be quite a few weeks til we get spring here in Wisconsin.

Laurie said...

Hey Shirley, just catching up with you. You're having a heat wave, huh? Well, it's about time for y'all to get some warmer weather. We had 70's this week and I did open the windows and let the house air out. Funny thing was that I forgot to close our bedroom window and during the night, it got very cool. I almost froze my husband. He woke me up by closing it. HaHa! Take care Shirley.

Gert said...

Good morning Shirley, So glad you are having nicer weather too. I couldn't believe our 62 degree weather we had! smile! I'm like you with remembering my parents. I miss mine terribly. We did have TV when I was a teenager,Mobutu never had a phone! How things change and not only for the better.


CatieAn said...

I am happy to hear spring is showing up too and we had no snow this winter which is unheard of. Thank you for such a nice post....

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Finally we are thawing out too. No 70's in our forecast, but I'll take the 50's. We have lived in our home since '76. My parents are gone, but Terry's live 2 blocks away and are in their 90's. He visits his parents every day or so. I rarely go due to MIL issues, but that's OK and she would agree.

My grand kids don't think I know what I am talking about and I often hear "what does it matter" from my oldest who is 19. If I live to be 90, I wonder how the world will have changed.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweetie! Enjoy your little taste of spring. Soon it will be here for real and you'll be able to open your windows and let in all that grassy, flowery smelling freshness everyday! xoxo

The French Bear said...

Hello my sweet friend!!! Those dr's appointments can sure be trying on your nerves!!!! I hope the new Dr is better! I love that we still connect and visit on our blogs, thank you for being so supportive through my rough parts, I truly appreciate you Shirley!!!