Wednesday, December 16, 2015


  Have you started your count down to Christmas? Days are being marked off the calendar until Christmas Eve at our family houses. The boys are excited that their uncle will be home. I just want to set and listen to the kids talk and watch the boys with their uncle. 
   We haven't had any snow but we had rain, thunder, lightening, and pea size hail last night. I thought I was hearing things when the rain started pouring down. It didn't last long was just one of those pop up storms that normally happens during the summer months. There is some roads closed in the counties because of high water. You normally have snow this time of the year.
   The menu is planned for Christmas Eve. Not your traditional meal but soup and sandwiches. Our big family dinner will be on Sunday. The menu will consist of smoked brisket for the meat instead of turkey and ham. Menu's get changed to things that big brother likes and can't get in Louisiana. 
   The title has been sent to the people who have my totaled car so we can take another step closer to get me another car. I keep thinking about the accident wondering where the other vehicle came from because he wasn't there when I started my turn. He just suddenly appeared and we hit. The soreness is still there, but getting better with each passing day. The bruises are changing colors. I won't be getting another car until after the first of the year because of everything that has to be done yet still. 
   Kids have been taking me grocery shopping and my daughter and I will go Christmas shopping one night before the weekend. We have to have a present for Santa to deliver to hubby at the nursing home. My oldest grandson and I was up there yesterday. I needed his signature on the car title so I could put it in the mail.
   My grandson told me he is getting to pay me back for taking him all the times he needed to go somewhere before he got his drivers license by taking me where I need to go now.  I tell him I am riding in style when I ride in his 88 Ford pickup. As long as it gets him where he needs to go that is the main thing.
   We were talking about how we use to coast on our street when the kids were little. We would park cars on two hills and away we would go. You sure couldn't do it now. They talked about when the snow was deep how they started in the corn field came over the fence down into our yard. The corn field is full of houses. When we built our home many years ago, it was like living in the country and still in the city. It was farm land all around us. That has changed over the years. We knew our neighbors, but you don't anymore. 
  I am sending hugs and prayers to those who are in need. You can never have to many prayers. It has helped us with hubby still being with us. Take care. 


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I know how it feels to live in a "neighborhood" too. We were rural, but now the subdivision is behind the houses across the street. The old gravel pit where my daughter and the kids played is a retention pond for it. An entrance down the road has significantly added to the traffic on our road. Terry is always complaining that they use our road and they don't live on it.

Our Christmas Eve menu is usually Sloppy Joes with all kinds of other things served buffet style. This year I have a surprise for them. I am going to set up a milk shake "bar". The flavored coffee creamers make THE BEST milkshakes!! It can get expensive on our budget, but Christmas Eve is special. And it feeds my ego when "Bamma" get accolades for the best of anything!! If nothing else, I feed them well, lol.

We are getting rain too. Some flurries in the forecast with no accumulation, then temps back up to the 50's. I'll take it!! Catching a break on the heat bill makes me happy as we have electric heat.

Have a great rest of the week Shirley. Hope you are feeling 100% by Christmas.
xx, Carol

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I'm thinking of you dear friend and sending happy wishes that you will get a wonderful new car to celebrate the new year. I'm so grateful you are still here.
Light, love and hugs

Mereknits said...

Your grandson is a wonderful young man. This is a great lesson for him while and inconvenience for you I know. HE is learning to give back and have fun doing it.
Happy Holidays my friend,

Charlotte Huffman said...

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Hope you get your new car soon.

Gert said...

Sounds like you will have a wonderful Christmas! Blessings and prayers to you and your lovely family.