Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Checkin In

  We might actually get some sunshine today. It might make me feel better. I am still dealing with a very sore chest and rib cage. I was suppose to get my mammogram, but that is going to be postponed. I don't think I can tolerate it and I don't want a false picture making it look like something is wrong. I am still dealing with the insurance company. I found out I don't have vehicle rental on my policy so I don't know what I am going to do. They gave me a couple of places that should give me discount prices to rent a vehicle, but you have to pay for it. It don't fit a fixed income very well When it rains, it pours that is for sure. I am just not use to relying on other people. I did come home and am sleeping in my own bed.  I might be slow moving, but I can do things at my speed.
   The maddest I have gotten was being asked if I had permission to drive the car and it is in both names. They said it was a computer glitch. Yeah! right. Why can't people admit when they made a mistake instead of trying to cover  up their mistakes.
   My oldest grandson called to see if I needed anything before he went home from school the other afternoon. He brought me a few things. I am not use to have rely on other people for my transportation. The kids do take care of me and when they decide what they are going to do about my car if it is fixable or totaled.  If I have to get a different one then family will go with me. My middle grandson said I killed it.He was with his brother and mom when they picked me up.
  Christmas is approaching and my shopping is put on hold for right at the moment. The pain med works like a sleeping pill so I try not to take it because I want to be awake instead of sleeping. I got my fruit basket that I buy from my grandson as a fun raiser. It has red, yellow apples, pears, and oranges. I had a yellow apple right after he delivered it last night. By the time he got through he had it all delivered excepting for one which would be delivered tonight. They live several miles outside of town, but she was going to be town tonight because she had to work. 
   We will be spending quite a bit of time together when my oldest gets home. They have several things planned. We are having soup and sandwiches Christmas eve after he gets in and having a big dinner the day after Christmas for one thing. Of course there are three boys who are anxious to see them. I know my Christmas is having them all home. 
   Hubby is feeling neglected right at the moment, but it can't be helped. He doesn't think I should stay by myself. I know my limitations. 
   The boys are wanting some snow so that they can go coasting. The fun we had growing up coasting, snow ball fights, walking on snow drifts as we walked to our one room school house, getting out in fresh air. We didn't have television or all of the electronics. We listen to the radio and I still like some of the oldies that come on Sunday evenings. It is better than some of the television programs. Some definitely needs to be banned. 
    Take care and be careful when you are out. 


Susie said...

Shirley, I totally agree about TV..I never dreamed I'd see the day some of the tings that are being said...just filth. Everything caters to the young generation and some of them can't even vote yet. LOL. I hope you get better and improve while at home in your own bed. I am sending hugs to you and your husband. We all need to know that others care about us. Please take care. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Vickie said...

I am glad your family is helping you figure out what to do with the car.
I do not watch tv at all.
I am praying for you and your husband.

NanaDiana said...

Shirley- I am sorry your hubby is feeling neglected but you really need to take care of yourself first and foremost. If YOU are not well then you can't help him at all either. I am just glad that you weren't hurt worse than you were. I hope you don't need a different car but maybe you would feel safer in a different one anyway. I am glad you have family there to help you and see things through. Hugs to you and please take good care of yourself. xo Diana

Debby said...

Oh Shirley, so sorry about your accident. That stinks about the rental. I think on our policy we pay for the other person if it is our fault but we don't get a rental otherwise. Hopefully someone will figure out what to do.
I had an accident years back. I was taken on a back board by the squad. My leg was badly banged up but I kept telling them my chest hurt. They never even x-rayed. Somehow the seat belt did a number on one side of my one boob, sorry TMI. It was black forever. I still have major hard places in it. It shows on mammograms but they can tell that it isn't cancer. It sure makes me mad that I have to carry that forever . I was sore for awhile. The only thing you can do is rest and not do much. I'm sure your husband misses you. Hopefully someone will be able to take you to see him. I love reading about your family. Those grandson's mean the world to you. So nice that they are helping take care of you. I can only take pain pills for about three days. Then they reverse on me. So being sleepy I would love, hah. Pretty bad when just the thought of sleep makes you happy.
Take care now. It will get better. Gentle Hugs

Gert said...

Shirley I hate to hear about how you're feeling. Those bumps and bruises seem to take so long to heal. Bless your family for helping. I agree with you on the TV, I watch s lot of Halmark shows:-) And yes being out in the snow and fresh air do seem like a thing of the past...I'm sorry to say


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Shirley. I sure hope you heal quickly. AND I hope they determine the settlement on your car. When I worked I managed an insurance agency. Those determinations are not supposed to take long. If you DID have rental coverage they would be quicker to get it settled. Let the kids take care of you a bit...they don't mind at all.

When it comes to TV I just know I am getting too old to enjoy what they are broadcasting now with the exception of a few shows I enjoy. When did the History Channel become reality TV? Just sayin'

Take care Shirley...things will be better in the blink of an eye!
xx, Carol

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Cindy said...

So sorry to hear of your recent accident! Please get the rest you need to heal and try to let others help you - that way you'll feel better before you know it! Sending prayers for strength and healing.

Charlotte Huffman said...

Sorry you are in pain. Hope you feel better soon. So glad your family is there for you. Get well!

Quinn said...

Ribs take a long time to feel better even if they are bruised, not cracked. I've done both, and with the cracked ribs I would actually see stars when I sneezed. Good thing was, I knew in a matter of months they would be healed up. Much easier to be patient when you know there's an endpoint, I think.
Shirley, I understand very well about not being used to relying on others, but really, aren't you lucky to have them? Everyone must rely on others at some times, and not everyone is in the fortunate position of having loving family and friends who want to step up and help. You are blessed.
Take care :)

Mereknits said...

You need to rest Shirley, your body has been though so much. Keep taking your meds and rest. I am glad you are home sleeping in your own bed, that will help but I don't want you to think that you are home and that you can do everything. Let the people who love you take care of you right now. Hubby will get over it, you take care of you!

nice borba said...

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