Monday, December 28, 2015

Rain, Sleet, and Snow

   We have had it all starting  yesterday with rain, then during the night it went to sleet, then to snow. We aren't as bad as though to the north of us. My heart goes out to those who suffered in the tornadoes, floods, and blizzard conditions. I had an appointment today, but I cancelled it for a week. I really didn't want my daughter to get out in this mess. They treated the streets making them slushy. It was a good day to work on my new pillowcase for some little boy or girl. I will post a picture when I get it done.
    We picked up our oldest son at the airport on Christmas Eve in the afternoon. It was so good to see him and have him home until the 3rd of January when he flies back home. Thank goodness he wasn't in the mess at the airport today or he would probably be having a severe asthma attack with all of the perfumes, and etc. I use all unscented cleaning supplies here at home. 
   We did make it up to see his dad yesterday. We took him lunch and Christmas. It wasn't a long visit. He stayed as long as he could until the cleaning supplies and etc started causing a problem. He has very sensitive lungs thanks to the Persian Gulf War. They don't want to admit the boys came home with problems.  The weather cooperated and we made a few stops before they brought me home. 
   All of the kids and grandkids being together was the best Christmas present that I could ask for.  It was so much fun watching them open their packages. My middle grandson thought he had clothes in one box and it turned out to be match box cars. It made it special for me. We didn't have the traditional Christmas with turkey and ham. Instead on Christmas Eve we had home made Chicken Noodle Soup, sandwiches, and chips. Then the day after Christmas, we had brisket cooked on the  grill, veggies, potato casserole, broccoli and rice plus desserts. We have picky eaters with some. So to get certain things, they have to try something that they say they don't like. It is amazing what you can get them to try. 
   The family will be together on New Year's Eve before our oldest flies home. I don't know what the menu is for it. It is another of mom just has to be there. It makes it rather nice. I still don't have a car as of yet nor have I got everything I need from the insurance company as of yet. 
   I miss my independence, but then I wouldn't go in  bad weather. I spent time looking at the pictures of the flood water in Branson, Missouri. When I look how high the water was at the Landing. It is wow. Plus they had all of the flood gates opened on the dam. Finding a way to come home would be a big problem with all of the flooding. It would make a bit of problem to get around down there. 
   I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am saying prayers for all of those in need. Take care and Happy New Year.


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Stay warm and safe inside. I do hope you had a nice Christmas. Wishing you a Happy New Year.
Julie xo

Debby said...

So far we have just had tons of rain. Be careful if you go out. So glad that your son is there for a little while. It is too bad about his lungs. Someone I knew said being in the gulf war can even change your DNA. My son had two tours, one in Afghanistan and the other in Bosnia. I hope that our veterans get better medical attention in the years to come.
You take care. Hugs

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm so happy to hear you had family all around this Christmas, me that's the greatest gift and I know for you, too. It's hard not to have a car but you are going to be fine. After what happened at our lakehouse I have lost all faith in insurance companies. What can we do?

The ice and wind hit here this morning---very treacherous but now it's rain. I hope it clears up by tomorrow.

Love to you and Happy New Year~! :)

Jane x

sweet violets said...

Your nasty weather made its way here today!! Snow, ice, rain......

So glad you were with all of your family, sounds like a great holiday!! You don't need to be going out in this weather, a good thing you don't have a car right now.....
I got out for a bit today, had to do some errands that would not wait, and the roads were getting pretty bad when I finally made it home. And now I'm in for good!!

stay safe and be happy.....xoxoxo

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We are getting that crappy weather in Northern Indiana too, but I think you have it worse. Glad you had a good holiday and had a nice visit with family. That's what makes the holidays special.
Happy New Year. Here's also wishing new car comes soon!!
xx, Carol

Charlotte Huffman said...

We've had nothing but rain for the last several days! It's so swampy and the boys are constantly dragging in mud!And we've been running the AC instead of the heat! Glad your son was able to visit. Hope you get a car soon. I hate having to depend on someone else to take me places. Have a Happy New Year!

nice borba said...

obrigada por compartilhar e desejamos a voce e sua familia um ANO NOVO CHEIO DE SAUDE, ALEGRIAS E 2016 BÊNÇÃOS!!

Vickie said...

We got lots 10 inches of snow, then sleet. Heavy, heavy stuff for Brian and the boys to remove. But it is done.
Take good care!

Gert said...

What a fun Christmas it sounds like you had. How blessed having your son home. I know how wonderful that feel.. We had 8" of snow here in the last couple days. Ugggg...that meant I couldn't go out to see my honey. Maybe tomorrow.Stay well and safe.

Happy New Year!!

Susie said...

Shirley, I am so glad you had your children and grands together. So nice your oldest got to visit his father. I have been praying for all of you there. I am just sick about the floods and tornadoes. I want to wish you a healthy, peaceful new year. Bless you dear friend, xoxo,Susie

Mereknits said...

No rain here and it is hot and miserable, not Holiday weather at all. Your time with your family sounds just perfect. So glad your oldest is home for a visit, no matter how old they are you just want to hug them. Love to you and Happy New Year,