Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cold Sunshiny Day

   Well we got the snow last night and extreme cold to go along with it. My snow removal guy came and cleaned my drive way and steps, but I have only stuck my nose out to get the paper and pay him. It was just to cold to venture anywhere and my car is covered with snow. 
   I am just staying in where it is warm. My pictures don't do them justice, but I thought I would show you what has kept my fingers busy while I was without a car. I have worked on whatever tripped my fancy. I never know exactly what I will work on until I pick it up and start. At the moment it is a custom order for a graduating nurse. It is coming along nicely.
   I went to the nursing home yesterday to see hubby. It was cold in the building. They had a little excitement the time before. They had a fire drill, but the fire truck, police, and sheriff all came to the nursing home. The sprinklers went off in the west wing flooding the place. A pipe froze up and broke. I have been there before when they have fire drills, but nothing like that had happened .
   Yesterday was Saturday Morning basket ball games. I go and watch my middle grandson play. They won 22-8 and he scored the first score of the game. They only have seven boys on the team so no one does all of the scoring. They all play together.  We are so proud of this little team because they play with their heart in it. 
   He had to see grandma's new ride. He was the only one in the family that hadn't seen it yet. I have stayed away from their house because dad has been not feeling good. He thought he had caught the stomach bug that has been going around. I just know that I don't want it. 
   I have only been going out if it is really necessary. I don't like the cold weather. I am ready for spring and 72 degrees. I like the snow, but then I always want it to go away in a hurry. 
   Kids are all out of school tomorrow for Martin Luther King day. Dad is staying with the two oldest grandsons because he has the day off.  That is o.k. I will just stay in and even sleep late if I want . 


 Mr Rooster and Mr Snowman are both tea towels and Mrs Cow is a pillow case. I need to make a baby quilt, but I have been lucky and sold the last two before I even had them completely finished. It make me happy to be part of their family. One little boy and one little girl. They take longer to do. Of course the amount of time depends on the pattern and what kind of edge they have. I just want to keep the fingers busy and have other things to think about instead of what else is going on. 
   Have any of you been watching the Bachlor (sp) on tv? Is it my imagination, but wouldn't you be a little embarrassed to act like they are? I thought  he was looking for a wife. If it was my daughter, I wouldn't want her acting like they are. I guess I am just old fashioned and not up with the times. 
  You know now where I have been and what I have been doing. Prayers and Hugs going out to those in need. Take care, stay safe and warm.


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Stay warm and inside from the snow. I love your embroidery work. Take care and wishing you a wonderful week.

Susie said...

Shirley, We got some blowing snow and the bitter cold too. I just filled the bird feeders, they are eating like crazy. My face was frozen when I stepped back on the I held my face to the sun and God gave me a warm kiss.:):) I stood out and said my prayers for everyone. Please be careful if you go out. I am glad you stayed away from any tummy stuff. You are right, no one wants that. I love your beautiful needle work. You are so talented. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Debby said...

Pretty stitching. If you don't have to g out, I wouldn't. The cold is really bone chilling. Glad you got a new car. I missed all the basket ball games the last two weeks. Just not feeling up to it. This too will pass.
That would have been dreadful to have the sprinklers come on in this cold weather. How is your hubby doing?

Blondie's Journal said...

Our weather is terrible here, very cold and below zero. Did you get a new car or am I forgetting? Glad you are out and about somewhat! I love your new pieces, your stitching is so cute and I can only imagine the time and effort you put into it. :)

Stay warm and dry, sweetie!

Jane x

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yup, we have that weather too and are staying in except for walking out to the mail box. I don't watch the Bachelor. I can't believe how long that show has been on TV. I was in the hospital for a week with pneumonia about 12 or more years ago and watched it out of boredom. I really don't like any "faux reality" TV shows. Love you stitching. I continue to declutter and reorganize. I am currently going through old craft and needlework magazines that I will donate and hope someone will find them interesting. Glad you like your new ride!!
xx, Carol

Vickie said...

Oh yes, the frigid weather is here also. I prefer to stay in if I can too.
How terrible that the building is cold enough for a pipe to freeze where your hubby is at!

Charlotte Huffman said...

Brr! It's in the 30's here in SC today. I'm like you...give me the beautiful spring weather! Glad you are keeping your fingers busy. Your package should arrive this week. Hope you enjoy! Stay warm and embroider!

Linda said...

I loved seeing your needlework!!!
I don't watch The Bachelor or any of the reality shows or music shows or sit coms.
Mostly news and a few dramas. I guess the Alaskan Bush People would be a reality show and I love that one. Downton Abbey is my FAVORITE show!!!!
I think you are wise to stay in and away from the cold and germs!!
YOU have to stay healthy so you can visit your husband!

Linda said...

Cccold here too! Our high was 15, and that was warm compared to the last few days. I'm ready for spring too but I think I'll have to wait for a while yet. I love your embroidery work, I used to do that so long ago. I don't think I can see that good to do it. It is good to stay busy and keep your mind of things you have no control over. Oh My, what excitement in the nursing home, I'm sure they would have been happier with out it. stay warm!

Mereknits said...

Your stitching is beautiful my friend. It is chilly here so it must be freezing where you are. Stay warm.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Shirley! We got around 2 1/2 inches of snow and it is so cold that I don't want to do much, even inside a warm, cozy house. Call me lazy! I wish I could get back at the organizing/purging but it's tedious work. Especially the paper work I have to go through and make sure it's not a keeper. I love your stitchery, there is a lot of work in them and you do it so beautifully. Take care and stay warm and toasty and enjoy your week!