Saturday, January 9, 2016


    The cold weather has finally arrived today. We had been having rain and reaching the high of 40 the last few days. The fog was there when you had to leave the house early and trust me you couldn't see very far at all.  I know the dampness makes the bones hurt and that is when I missed  my electric seats, but you can't have everything. 
   I got out this morning to go watch my grandson play basketball. He made an awesome shot from his knees in front of the basket.  Everybody was surprised about that one. I wish I had it on camera, but no luck there. They won which makes them happy. He collided with another little boy and they both went to the floor. He got up and shook it off. The other one had a nose bleed. Today's game was a little rough and they didn't have practices during the break so it took a little time to get back to playing. 
   I came home afterwards and had a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and soup to get warmed up. For a little bit I thought I was going to have to stay home. My car door was froze from the drizzle and rain we had yesterday, but I got it opened. They were a little concerned because I am normally early and today I was running late. I made it.
  I only get out when it is necessary during this time of the year. You never know what the weather will be and it can change in a quick hurry. They are letting my oldest grandson drive in this  weather. That is only the way he is going to learn.  They probably won't if it is icy. It is something to get in the car and be told that you could possibly have slick spots. Rather nice in that respect. 
  The fire trucks, first res-ponders, and the ambulance just went flying by the house. We have so many in our neighborhood that have health issues. They the addresses marked at the fire station so they can get there faster. We have one who is a diabetic and doesn't take care of himself  like he should. I really feel sorry for his wife. We only had one episode where he ended up in the hospital because of it, but it is scary.  He woke up and wanted to know why he was there.
  Since the Kansas City Royals won the championship, just maybe it might make the Kansas City Chiefs want a championship too. They won 30-0. We shall see what happens the next game. Taking it one game at a time. 
  Hope all of you are staying warm and out of harms way. I know some of you have a mess to clean up with all of the flooding and everything. Mother Nature hasn't cared where you lived this year. This is first year in a while that we haven't seen that much bad weather and hope it is a milder winter then they were originally saying. 
   Well it is back to my embroidering. Take care. 


Vickie said...

THAT is an excellent idea! I am going to have hot chocolate and hot soup for lunch today also. It is currently 10º here. Stay warm Shirley!

Susie said...

Shirlay, I am glad you are getting to watch some of the kids' games. I sure my grands being that young. Emma does cheerleading at some games...but I do not go to those. Once it' s 4:00 this old girl is ready to relax at home. That's how I know I am old. LOL. Blessings to you and your loved ones, xoxo,Susie

Mereknits said...

Stay safe in all that bad weather!

Blondie's Journal said...

Stay warm, dear girl. Se are 5 degrees right now. I simply stay home no matter what I need.

Jane xx

Charlotte Huffman said...

It's cold here again this week. I don't like cold! Be careful driving! Congrats to your grandson.
P.S. I have several embroidery kits I would be willing to share if you are interested. Email me your address and I'll send you some.

CatieAn said...

It has warmed up to the 40's here with rain and fog and all two feet of our snow is melting down to mere inches in places. The gray drizzling days are perfect for curling up with a book or browsing through blog chocolate sounds so cozy.

I don't blame you for not wanting to be out and about in the cold and ice.
Glad you could go to your grandsons game and that he did so well.
warm hugs