Thursday, January 21, 2016

Staying Inside

  Another day for staying inside and staying warm and embroidering. What they are predicting for our area hasn't arrived yet. They are saying we are going to get freezing drizzle and people don't know how to drive in it. If the speed limit is 70 then they drive it or faster. My car has a little snow on it that I need to clean off. I just don't want to get caught with freezing drizzle coming down away from home.
 I have already talked with hubby and he is fine that I am staying at home. I just don't get out unless it is absolutely necessary. I think the snow is pretty, but I would sooner look at it then be out in it. I did start my car and cleaned the snow off twice. My driveway has been pushed twice so that there is room for the next go around. 
  The fingers are staying busy to not only give me something else to think about, but to keep them from getting stiff. As we age we have bones that tend to not like the cold weather, and have to stay active or they would stiffen up. I have had a few times when I had to physically bend my fingers on my one hand. That is definitely something I don't like to do.
   I have already marked my calendar for the next two Saturday
s with basketball, pinewood derby races, and a chili supper fund raiser for one of my grandson's friends all in the same day. 
   January is flying or at least that is the way that it seems to me. I just want the snow to go away and lets get back to sunshine and warm weather. Mother Nature doesn't care where you live that is for sure. My oldest lives where they were predicting severe weather. I am praying that it doesn't happen.
   So far other than an early out for my oldest grandsons, they haven't had snow days. They are trying new treatment on the streets salt mixed with something else. It looked strange to see that being put on our street because the maintainers were usually the ones that pushed the snow. At least they did that before my driveway was pushed. 
   I thought I would check in to let you know that I am doing o.k. and try to visit some more of you while I take a break from what I was doing.
   My thoughts and Prayers are with those in need. Prayers help us through some very difficult times. I think we get stronger because of those that pray for us too. God is listening even though sometimes we wonder. Take care and be safe if you have to be out in the bad weather. 



Vickie said...

Hi Shirley. I would appreciate any prayers said on behalf of me and my neck. The pain and pressure are pretty bad today.

Sylvia said...

Yes, prayers do help and I pray you are better soon. I know what you mean about the cold weather, I have arthritis and just got home from the doctor. As we age the weather does effect us. Take care and stay warm.


Susie said...

Shirley, You are right...all the prayers that others offer for us is so good. Who of us doesn't need prayer and some times we lots of prayers. I pray for you to be safe and that you get to be with your sweetheart when you want to visit. Now you call your boys before taking any chances.:):) You know they would want you too. Blessings to you all, xoxo,Susie

Debby said...

Glad you are staying in. I would rather have the snow than freezing rain. I have been in a lot this week.
I have so many in need of prayers right now. It is so sad what some are facing.
We have several basketball games and two birthday parties this weekend. One for an aunt that will be 80 and for the three year old that I used to babysit for.
I hope you weather the storm safely. Hugs

Gert said...

Oh Shirley, I do understand the staying inside where it's safe and warm. But I miss seeing my Tom. I had to stay home for 4 days.i guess we are blessed there are those who brave the weather and go to work to care for our loved ones. I'm sure your hand work is beautiful, you are gifted.

Blessings from Iowa

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

All that mess you are getting is supposed to stay to the south of us. I'm so glad. I want to take Terry out shopping today...just messing around with no real purpose. He gets so bored because he is not able to do whatever it is that he thinks needs to be done.

Stay warm and definitely stay in.
xx, Carol

Charlotte Huffman said...

We didn't get any snow but we did get freezing rain and ice which is worse than snow. My in-laws in West Virginia are getting 15-20 inches! Yuk! Stay warm and embroider!

Mereknits said...

Keeping your fingers busy is good for your hands and your mind, mine too! stay warmand cozy inside.