Friday, March 25, 2016


   Have you made your plans for Easter? Do you get yourself flowers if no one else does it for you?  We are going to celebrate Easter tomorrow instead of Sunday that way my daughter and her family can go to her other side of the house. I will spend Easter Sunday at the nursing home with hubby. He has good days and bad depending on what is going on with him. We are having weekly blood draws so that they can monitor his ammonia level better. It is slowly coming back down. 
   Tomorrow  the boys are going to hunt Easter Eggs. The oldest will be looking for his because they will have gas money in them. That way he can't say that he is to old. 
   They fitted my middle one with a hearing aid to try. He will wear it for a month and then he goes back to the see the doctor. They don't want them investing in one until then because they are expensive. His ear is ringing all of the time which has to be bothersome for him. He and I get to hang together on Monday because brother has school in the afternoon. I am going to be staying with him this summer. He thinks he is old enough to stay by himself, but not hardly. 
   Haven't we been having some crazy weather? My heart and prayers go out to those in Kansas and Oklahoma who are suffering because of the devastating wild fires. I think about those that are fighting the fires. We have family both who are trained to do that. I always say prayers for them that they stay safe. 
   My fingers have been staying very busy embroidering. I have to try to keep something else to think about right now.  
 These are a few that I have finished in the last two weeks. They don't take long when you spend two or three hours doing nothing else, but this. The kitty cat will hearts was part of a wedding shower gift. I made four all kitty cats. Later on I will do some that are all puppies for another wedding.
   Have you ever heard of a wine tasting bridal shower?
That was a new one for me.  My daughter said it was very different.  Then they wanted you to buy some to help the bride to be to stock her wine rack.
   The bird singing is part of a house warming gift. She loves Spring Things and what better way then listen to the birds sing.  Her other one is Plant-Grow-bloom which her flowers are the color of Dahlias . I made them burgundy with yellow centers.
  The chicken scratch edge sets both of them off. I don't  know if that is the proper name or not, but that is what I call it.

  I made two for a nurse that is graduating in May.  Some of the Saving Lives I tried to keep as close to what they really looked liked.

  The bottom Kitty cat and apron tea towels were for the fun and are going to be going in my etsy shop. If you have an etsy shop, have they changed the way it looks. Have you checked it out and do you like what they want to to do.

  Saving Lives tea towel shows the border that I referred to up above.
  It is a little long and I just thought I would  check in. Have a wonderful Easter and if you are traveling have a safe journey. If you can't be with family, pick up the phone and call them. Phone calls can mean a lot to people.

   Take care.


Rettabug said...

Lovely handwork, Shirley! I totally understand the need to keep the hands & minds occupied. Sewing helps so much!
I'm sorry to read that your hubby is struggling with more health issues. So sad to watch them go downhill. I just lifted him up in prayer this morning & I hope you both can have a Blessed, Happy Easter!


p.s. I have NEVER heard of a wine tasting bridal shower?!

Vickie said...

Such fun towels you have created Shirley. I am glad your husband is having weekly blood tests. It would be nice to finally have his ammonia levels correct! Happy Easter!

Mereknits said...

Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Easter with your family today Shirley. Love all of your stitching, you have made some wonderful gifts.
Happy Easter,

Linda said...

I hope you have a nice Easter. I'm glad that even the kid who needs gas money is not left out....I'll have 2 of those soon. Love your towels, I used to embroider when I was a relaxing. We are not doing anything for Easter. Hubby is making ham steak and baked potatoes for us. I'm happy.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

My Easter prayers are with you and your husband, Shirley! In the meantime, loved your stitching and also the sentiment that we celebrate the holiday in our own ways -- changing and evolving as our lives change. In my case, my husband has decided that he is never doing another holiday or eating another holiday meal ever, no matter what! So I'm going out for a very nice Easter brunch tomorrow with my friend Marsha, whose husband of many years passed away in November. It will be a good day. I'm grateful for every one!

Susie said...

Hi Shirley, I almost missed your post. I am glad you can be with your husband for Easter Sunday. I hope you enjoy it. You have been busy with your needle lady. All your things are just so charming. We do not need to leave youngsters alone if we don't have too. Blessings to all of you. I want to wish you a glorious Easter. xoxo,Susie

Kim said...

I love those stitcheries. So cute and vintage looking. Happy Easter

Jillayne said...

What a lovely post Shirley! Yes, I buy myself flowers sometimes but not very often - I always like summer so much because I can just go out in the yard and pick them!
I've never heard of a wine-tasting shower - I wouldn't mind the tasting part but otherwise, it sounds a little different.
I hope your husband continues to improve and that he soon has more good days than bad... take care, and enjoy those wonderful grand-children of yours!