Thursday, March 10, 2016


   There is a lot going on in my life right at the moment. They took my hubby to the ER last night by ambulance. He wouldn't eat and he had confusion. He had his daughter name being mine and he could answer questions and he would just look at you. Something told me to go to the nursing home yesterday. When I got there I found him sitting in the dining hall with two glasses of what he told me was kool-aid but in reality, it was grape juice that he needed to offset insulin because he would not eat lunch. I got him to drink it by holding it up so he could drink it. He just was not responsive. They did the usual testing and a cat scan at the hospital but  nothing showed wrong, but still a problem. They didn't admit him saying there was to much sickness in the hospital. The nursing home would be best place for him. I went up before lunch today and fed him what lunch he ate, but it wasn't much. He did eat a better supper for me. I had them call  downstairs and order what I thought he would maybe eat.
   They took away the pain medication and he can only have it as needed I don't want him to have it because I think it is part of the problem right now. They scheduled his one medication three times a day like I wanted instead of the sliding scale which was not working. When the liver doesn't work right, then the meds  build up in the system. I never did a sliding scale here at home I always gave it so many times a day and if the stools got to loose then I would cut it back.  I did meet the doctor today that they have there. I am not as dumb as she thinks that is for sure. I had been his primary care giver from Nov. 1999 until he went into the nursing home in October 2012 plus I worked full time. I sometimes wonder if they have even read his chart.
  Thank you all for listening to me as you can tell I am a little irritated. I am just glad that I had my embroidering with me because I did that in the ER and today while I sat there. 
  I did go to dinner with my youngest grandson Saturday night. He ordered me a taco salad. He thought I would like it the best. His mom ended up going with us also because her other half was still not feeling up to par. We didn't get to hang out but maybe we will another night. 
   Tuesday evening I stayed with my middle grandson while his mom and brother went to a meeting. His dad had to be gone for a few days of training for his job. We had fun. He told me his bed time was 10 o'clock, but he didn't fool me. He has a school music program coming up this next week. 
  My oldest grandson is getting an education with working on his truck during class at the tech school. They are working on the transmission because of it not shifting like it should. My daughter picked up the part that he needed and brought it home being she works in the city. I don't know if they got his truck back together today or not. 
  Hope you are having some of the spring like weather. My magnolia is starting to bud hopefully it will be pretty and we don't have a frost. Well enough of my rambling.


Zenia Rene said...

I'm sorry to hear about your turmoil. I'm praying things turn around for your hubby. He's lucky to have such a caring and devoted wife. *hugs*

JMD said...

A very tough time for the two of you. So sorry. Stay strong and I will pray, I don't forget.

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm very sorry that your dear husband is having so many problems right now. Could it be temporary? I sure hope so. Your are such a strong lady, Shirley. I don't know if I would have the stamina for the daily visits you make and the worry you have 24/7. It makes me feel good to know you have such a loving family to support you and spend time making your days easier and pleasant.

I'm sending prayers, love and a big hug. Keep us posted.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Shirley.
My FIL has several cancers. I am amazed at how he survives and is not yet bedridden. He has the same situation with pain medicine. My MIL dispenses it to him and sometimes gives it to him as stated on the bottle and not as needed. He has had the same response to over medication and I know it can be scarey. I do know exactly what you mean about doctors. I have been "talked down to" a couple of times in dealing with my husband's health issues. It is very irritating and I have a hard time biting my tongue. MY first response is to snap, but I take a moment to form a civil response which can be a hard thing for me, lol.

Chin up and at least enjoy the time you spend with the kids. They can be so spirit lifting!!
xx, Carol

Vickie said...

I am praying Shirley. Thank goodness you are there to stay on top of your husband's health. You do an excellent job at fine tuning his care.

Quinn said...

Shirley you are an inspiration - such tenacity! Your husband is lucky to have you.
I know what you mean about wondering if the doctor has ever read the chart..sometimes I wonder why they bother asking the same questions over and over and writing things down, when no one ever seems to look back and read what was written before. It's discouraging.
I hope your husband feels better soon, and I hope you go on enjoying time with your family to help recharge your batteries. You are a marvel!

Charlotte Huffman said...

Sorry to hear about your husband. Sounds like a mild stroke. Hope he feels better. Stay strong! We are all praying for you.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I am so sorry that your hubby is having these problems. I will pray that he begins to recover from them and gets stronger and am praying for you, too. You have a lot of strength and wisdom, Shirley, and he is so fortunate to have a wonderful, caring wife like you. I'm sure he knows that. :) Take care of yourself. Spring is coming!

Susie said...

Shirley, Big hugs to you and your husband. It is so hard to believe that no one was with your husband when you found him ...that sounds dangerous. I will pray for him. I sure hope they can get his meds right. Your grandsons are great kids. Blessings to you , xoxo,Susie