Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cold,Cold, Cold

We don't have the snow, ice, or as cold as some of you, but I am ready for Spring. Our furnace isn't working right at work and I am tried of dressing in layers. Maybe tomorrow the furnace will work. I do have an afghan to lay over my legs while I am on the computer. It works so very slow when it is cold.
My snowmen are one of the latest projects that I got completed. I have them listed in my etsy shop at http:/shirleystitches.etsy.com
They just have a finished perle edge at the present time because I couldn't make up my mind what color I wanted to put around the edge. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions are so hard to make so I can always add to them at a later date.
I,also, put Mr and Mrs Rooster in my shop. They reminded me of the ones that I used to sell to my grandpa when I was growing up. I am having to stick to some smaller projects that I can take with me. I have to many things going on right now. I can't blame hubby for the doctor visits lately they have been mine. I am just thankful that the tests can be all done in one location. I just wish the results would come in quicker.
The snow drifts that I have seen on the news lately reminded me of when I walked on top of snow drifts to make it home for Christmas one year. My brothers wasn't so lucky, they would sink in. Have you ever had snow ice cream? My mother would make that after we would get a fresh snow. It was so good. We even used my mother's wash tub and dad's scoop shovel turned backwards to sled in. It was so much fun even if we did get in trouble for it.
Stay warm.

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Lynn said...

I love the snowmen Shirley :) It is -17c here this morning, quite a bit of snow too. I don't like to go out much in winter, roll on Spring!