Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heat Wave

We had a heat wave today. We made it to the upper 30's and it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow. Anything would be an improvement over last Thursday and Friday. What really made it bad was that the furnace at work decided it didn't want to work right. My office was 63 Friday. I had an afghan wrapped around my legs and gloves on my hands. Needless to say my computer was running awfully slow. The temperature kept dropping and the repairman hadn't made it when I left.
I have been working really hard on some new tea towels for my etsy shop. I put some in the evening, but for some reason I keep having problems with my windows internet explorer not responding. Then I have to shut the computer down and go again, but when you are halfway done with what you are doing it makes it frustrating.
You can see my tea towels at


Dawn said...

Hi Shirley!

Your tea towels are lovely! You're such a sweet lady, I wish you nothing but the best for 2009 and for yours and your husband's good health as well.

Best Wishes and Hugs to you!


Melody said...

Hey Shirley!
It's a balmy 20 here in Cincinnati.
Hope you got your heat back!! I don't think it's your comp giving you comp was running reeealllly slow too. Now Microsft has done updates over the weekend
and I think its running faster. The things on your site look pretty as always.
Keep warm and well,