Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We are counting the days until Spring and each day of sunshine makes us that much closer. Today we hit 50 degrees and tomorrow it is suppose to be 60 degrees, but the weekend the temperature is to drop and we are to have snow.
My puppies are finished and ready to put in my shop at . I have been falling asleep in the chair the last few nights, when I was working on a project. I have started me a set of Valentine Pillowcases which is about half finished. I have been fighting a sinus infection for the last couple of weeks. I, also, have allergies from the cedar and lumber dust, which doesn't help to much. Finding medication that really works can be a problem.
Do you ever have a day that you just wish that you could do what you wanted for yourself and forget everybody else or that someone would take care of you for a change? It time to go work on my pillowcases and do something else for a while.
I am anxious for when you can get outside and enjoy more of the fresh air.


Marie said...

I just jumped over from cottage style. I love your work.

Melody said...

Oh Boy a you're havin' a heat wave!! It's 40's today 50's tomorrow here in Cincy. Your handiwork is beautiful! As always.
I feel for you with the allergies in a lumber yard. After 36..7.. years in the floral industry, 3 yrs ago I came up with acquired allergy to spruce, pine, cedar, incense cedar, mold, etc. I had severe attacks for a year, then they became less and less. Then last year I came up with pnuemonia. They immediately took me of the allergy meds. So Far this year with a new (old formula allergy pill) med it seems to be working and no side effects. You need a hug. The one bad thing in blogland..we're hundreds of miles away and not able to give a hug when needed. Know your being thought of and just think it's staying lighter later outside, pretty soon the clocks will change and 8 at night will still be daylight!

Lynn said...

I am so tired of winter too, but we are still at -17c and the snow is piled up all around, so no sign of Spring yet.