Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Quilt

I promise I would show you him when I got him done. I need to retake my picture before I put him in my etsy shop for sale. I wanted to have it done by Sneak a Peak Wednesday, but I just couldn't accomplish it with everything else I had going on. When I list him it will be $120.00 with free shipping to US an $5.00 shipping to Canada.
I will be listing him after the first of April. He turned out so neat. The flower border goes all the way around the quilt which is 34x43.
We were lucky yesterday that we didn't get all of the bad weather that was around us. It was as though we were in a pocket. There was still a lot of accidents because people do not drive the way that they should. I need to get back t0 my school work of learning to count carbs so that I can adjust doses of insulin at meal times. I always learn something new. Let me know what you think of the quilt. Have a great day.


Melody said...

Oh,Shirley. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

Linda said...

I love the quilt. It is absolutely beautiful.Oh,so much work goes into these and what a lost art.