Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cool Weather

We have had the most unusual weather for the month of July. It really makes you wonder because the hot weather was in June and this month we have had some cool, cloudy, rainy looking days. We had some rain this morning and it looked as though it was going to a few times this afternoon and evening.
I helped my daughter-in -law and son put corn in the freezer over the weekend. It will really taste good this winter when the snow is on the ground. The best part it was free and all they had to do was go and pick it. The boys helped mom and dad pick it and Matt soon to be 5 thought it was so much fun. Jake, 10, helped by counting the ears that was going in the water, flatten the packages of corn so they would lay flat in the freezer. He had to show me his picture of him riding bareback during one of his riding lessons. He is really enjoying that.
We went for our scenic tour on Sunday. We went out to Chillcothe, Missouri to see the plane that was being restored. They have it done and it is back marking the entrance to the airport. We left there going through some small towns winding our way back to North Kansas City, where we stopped to have a late lunch at Kelso Pizza. It is one of the places that we like to stop and they are reasonably priced. We then came home through Parkville and Weston. It was an enjoyable drive because there wasn't a lot of company.
The hills had such pretty green colors. They have built a new house that sits next to the hills with a wrap around porch that the view would be absolutely beautiful regardless of the time of the year. It isn't a big house and I would really like to see the inside. Some builders are starting to build a nice size house at a reasonable price. It isn't the two story costing mega bucks. People are starting to look for a more economical house.
It is clouding up again so we may get some more rain yet tonight. Everybody take care.

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