Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week Almost Over

The week is almost gone and it can't end any to soon for me. It has been a rough week working short handed and trying to do my work that I have to have done for deadlines.
We have had beautiful weather for the month of July. It has been 60's at night and in the 70's in the daytime. Usually it will be very hot, but not so far. We are suppose to have rain this next week which might mean we will slow a little as we are going to be one short. We have a very small crew the way that it is .
Birthday party Saturday evening for our youngest grandson who will be 4 years old. He is my biker. It is a pirate birthday party with decorations. He is singing it's my party. He is such a little character.
My oldest grandson gets to show mom and dad what he has learn from his riding lessons. He is excited because he got to jump yesterday. She teaches them to ride bareback, western saddle, English saddle. She wants them to ride using their body and not relying on a saddle horn to hang on to.
He had already asked if he can do the fall lessons. They have found something that he is really interested in. She makes them do homework and I think that it will help with school work, also.
He was great help with brother while we babysat last Sunday. I rocked little brother to sleep. He told me he didn't need a nap. I told him that was fine we would just read a book and rock. It didn't take to long. Of course big brother had to have his turn. also. We spoil our boys and we would not have it any other way. Our family reunion is, also, this weekend. It will be inside in the air conditioning which is always good because we have to many who have health problems and can't be outside in the heat. There are 10 brothers and sisters. It will be a good size with our children and their children. last year there were 7 brothers and sisters with families there. We always guess how many we think will be there this year.
I must close as I need an early night. It is statement day tomorrow at work and I know that I have over 250 statements to do. Take Care.