Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend. Three days of getting to sleep late and taking it easy. It has warmed back up, and the leaves are starting to turn. It is earlier then we have had in the past.
I have been doing some changes on my blog and ECS page. I thought I would give it a new look. I would appreciate you signing my guest book and let me know what you think of my changes. I always appreciate messages left.
I have had my first international sale. I was really surprised to see it this morning when I checked my e-mail. I went to the post office to check and see what I had to do and if there was any extra fees. Lets just say that this will be a learning experience. We all need to have a few of those along the way.
The month of August just flew by and now the first 5 days of September are gone. It seems to me that time is absolutely flying by. We have usually taken a small trip, but they have turned into drives over two lane highways looking at the scenery. We were in Amish country today. They were working in their fields with a team of horses. It reminded me of my childhood when we would go places in the wagon. We always went and picked corn by hand, then dad would bring the wagon with the horses to pick it up. We thought it was fun riding on the hayrack full of loose hay because we didn't bale hay. The first tv's, refrigerators, and washing machines were thought of as a luxury. I remember the wringer washing machines and the wash boardthat we used. In the winter months we, we used oil lamps and candles when we didn't have electricity. We always heated by wood stoves, take the irons that was on the stoves wrapped in paper to bed with us of a night to warm our feet. We always had a good time as we grew up.
I think we did more visiting with family then, then we do now. Today we always seem to be in a hurry. Have a safe weekend if you travel.

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Melody said...

You have a nice holiday weekend too! Like the new tweeks to your pages.