Monday, September 14, 2009

September Fall Colors

Fall is just around the corner according to the calendar, but I think it has already arrived with the leaves all ready turning to the reds, orange, and yellows. The picture is one that I found while browsing the Internet. It made me wish that we could take a trip down to the Branson area, but that isn't possible for a while.
We have had the cool temperatures of the morning to where you needed a sweater or light jacket to start the day getting into the 70's. It makes you wish it would stay that way all year long.
The excitement, I guess you could call it that, was this past week we had one arrested for drugs within a half of block from where I work. This morning one of the guys saw this girl getting into a nice looking car, and what brought his attention to her was the way she was dressed in black with a hoodie pulled so that you couldn't really see her face. It wasn't long after that she was seen sitting across the street behind a building going through a bag, tossing things on the ground. She got a way, but she had cleaned the glove box out of the car that she had gotten into. They didn't say what she got away with, the owner was at the restaurant having breakfast. We made sure that all of our cars were locked. Things are happening to close around us from house break-ins to a shooting at Wal mart in broad daylight. The Walmart is one that I go to at times during my lunch break because it is close.
We took a drive this last Saturday to look at the hills to see if they were were getting more color in them. I saw my life past in front of me because I had an idiot on my side of the highway. I set my car down and was praying the ones behind got theirs set down to. There was a possibility that it could have been a seven car pile up because there was two behind me and four coming from the opposite direction. I know that it unnerved me for a while. Our drive got cut a little short, because I just wanted to come home.
Well it is time for me to close for tonight, I hope you have a wonderful week.

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Melody said...

I love your new banner! And, I'm sure glad your Guardian Angels were on the job!
You take care.