Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas is Coming

We are getting closer to Christmas and the boys are getting a little more excited about it. Matt was making a wish list as mommy and him were going to the city to see the ear specialist. His little ear is completely healed from having tubes put in which makes everyone concerned very happy. He doesn't have to go back unless he has a problem.
He thinks that he is so big because he can ride his bike without the training wheels. He has a bike picked out that his other grandpa bought at auction. It is purple, but he is going to ask his Uncle Kevin to paint it green. I would like to be a mouse when he asks him. I know he won't be turned down. He says he can't ride it until he is in the 1st grade. Although I think that he could if he really set his mind to it. W hat do you do with a child that catches on fast and then he is bored because they keep going over it for the others? He made the honor roll this semester, I agreed with his mother do some drawing after he gets his work all done or do some reading if the teacher will let him. It would keep him out of trouble. My oldest grandson is so much like his father was at that age.
My son is going to take his dad to the doctor's office tomorrow for me. I don't have any vacation left so this way I won't lose a days wages. I picked up my new medicine tonight. They showed me how much it was going to cost to see if I still wanted it. I knew it was going to cost, but I also know that it works. My blood pressure tonight after working all day was 119/64 since I started back on this medication plus I can add my cholesterol medication back to the mix. I just wish the insurance company would just fill the prescription as the Doctor prescribes.
We have been having cold weather, but no rain or snow yet. They are talking like we might get some this weekend. It will be a wait and see that is for sure. I plan on doing some Christmas shopping or at least try to get started.
Well I must close for now. Tomorrow is another working day.


Elaine said...

Thanks for stopping by. I know Christmas time is hard when loved ones are missing. I put up a small tree and set a few things around so when the grandchildren come they will know there is a bit of Christmas at my place.. It just isn't quite the same and yes it will get better and we only have to dig into that bank of wonderful memories to relive a monment in time.. Take care.. Elaine

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Shirley honey Christmas is coming and I am starting to get worried.
Only so many days and so much to do. Why oh Why do I do this to myself is beyond me.
Love this post. You always write the best post about family
Take care honey
Love your Texas friend

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Shirley! I'm happy for your grandson. No more ear tubes is a good thing! The Christmas hustle is on, and I think most of us are a little crazy right now with everything that needs to get done. Try to take a few moments here and there for yourself and to just enjoy this beautiful season. You so deserve it!!! Have a fun weekend Christmas shopping. I hope you find everything on your list! xo Paulette

Melody said...

Hi Shirley! Hope John's appointment went well and glad your med is working. Mom and Dad have the same problem. Med ordered and the Pharm switches to generic..claiming Ins, but we sometimes wonder. Glad the little one is better. We're supposed to get that snow storm outta Minn. tomorrow and Mon. morn..yippee. I have soooo much to do. I haven't even started shopping yet and that is very behind for me.
Is your shopping done? Does everybody come over to your house or do you go to the kids? We always go to Mom and Dad's in the AM or early Afternoon and then to Jim's Sis with all the sibs, kids, and his's a pack..40+ people..she's the only one with a house to hold em all.
Well, I better be goin. You have a nice week and I'll type ya later.