Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Does everybody have plans for celebrating on New Year's Eve?? Ours will be a very quiet one with just being dad and I at home.
Our oldest is going to go spend the weekend at his brothers because he is taking Jake on his first youth deer hunt. Jake is excited and of course Matt is happy that Uncle John is spending the weekend at his house.
We don't know what the weekend weather is going to be like. It got to 69 degrees today and then has dropped to 34 degrees. It only took a little over a hour for the temperature to dropped.
We are closed tomorrow so I have a three day weekend. I was ready for the day to be over, but I did get my statements out. Weather permitting I am going to take down my decorations at my booth and do some changing. I am waiting for the new year to add to my etsy shop. I finished two tea towels while I was in the city with my hubby while he got his iron infusion. At least he has color in his cheeks once more. He, also, has a little more energy. We can feel a little relieved that his prescription d insurance company is going to help us with one of his drugs that medicare does not cover. We will only have to pay a co pay, which will be a big help. We got a letter from our doctor giving us the news that it had been approved. It made you feel like you got a late Christmas present.
We did get to do everything that we had planned this last weekend. We did get a little snow, but nothing like my friends around us. I heard on the news that it was snowing in Phoenix, and Tuscon, Arizona. Lets face it the weather has just been weird.
Did you all get what you wanted for Christmas? I did and that was all of my family was together for Christmas. We were all at our daughter's and enjoyed the evening. Our youngest grandson thinks that grandpa is a grouch because we went home earlier then he thought we should. Grandpa didn't feel good and we had to deal with a couple of issues, but we made the year without a hospital stay. It is wonderful in that respect. We have several doctor visits in the next couple of months. We just take every day that we get and count our blessings that we have been given another day.
Happy New year from our house to yours. .


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hello Sweet Friend!

It's been very cold here in California...I guess I shouldn't complain, most of the country doesn't consider lows in the 40's cold but my warm blood sure does.

So happy to hear that you enjoyed your Christmas, like you...I was happy to spend time with my family.

Here's wishing you a fabulous New Year. I'm so happy our paths crossed and thank you for your friendship, I adore you!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Shirley!
Great to hear you're planning a quiet and safe night at are we! I can't believe how fast the year has flown.

I got the last part of my Christmas today...Handsome gave me the serger table I'd asked for. It just took until today to arrive. I put it together while he was at band rehearsal.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. I'll talk to you "next year". (All these years later, I still giggle like a kid when I say that!) lol
Hugs from Florida,

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hello Dear Shirley,
First, I just love that beautiful olden postcard at the beginning of your post....

I was happy to read that the iron shot helped your husband feel a bit better...I hope he will continue to feel peppy!

Almost 69 degrees in December??? Isn't that wild? We think we are having a heat wave, here in Michigan, at 40 as it was yesterday and forcasted for today and tomorrow and then falling back to the chilly 20's.

I haven't taken down my decorations yet as we both have enjoyed them so much I have just put if off 'til Sunday. Then I will have to get used to the bare house. lol! That will be a good time to do a little decorating...

We, too, will be having a very quiet New Years and that is just dandy with me....Once I see the ball drop I will be ready for bed! Showing my age, I know!
Wishing you and all of your family the healthiest, happy and everything that is good, New Year!
Smiles and Hugs,

Sonia said...

Hello Shirley,
Thank you so much for coming by and for your kind words. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful New Year dear friend!!
Hugs xoxox

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm spending a quiet New Years Eve too. I'm glad your husband is feeling a little better. I hope the two of you have a sweet and romantic evening. Happy New Year!

Beedeebabee said...

Happy New Year Shirley!

We had a quiet New Year's Eve at home. I like spending it at home away from all the noise!
We got pounded with snow last weekend, so everything is still looking so beautiful and Christmassy! I love the snow.
So nice to know you enjoyed your Christmas. We did too. :)
Wishing you many wonderful blessings in 2011!

Vintage Sandy said...

Hi Shirley, I found your blog from Donna at Brynwood Needleworks wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year and congrats on your win at Donna's. I love your blog and your background and header are so pretty. I will be back often have a great day!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy New Year dear Shirley! I hope this year brings you much love, happiness, creativity and good health my dear!