Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cold, Cold Windy Snowy Day

How could we possible go from 61 degrees on Friday to the frigid cold that we had yesterday and today. We had 45-50 mile a hour winds which made it horrible. We didn't get the heavy snow like the states to north and east of us. I feel sorry for them because I know what it is like to be drifted in.
Today is being spent catching up with you all here on blog land with a cup of hot tea close by. I was so glad to get home from what shopping I had to do. I had a hard time with the doors on the car and had to be careful where I parked as to how the wind would hit them.
I stocked up on some things because I didn't know what the day was going to bring. We were in and out of the snow flurries. I wasn't able to do a craft show that I had planned on doing yesterday. The back was hurting just to much and the cold has a tendency to make it stiffen up on me. I already have a cold and my son told me that they didn't have any heat there. They had it in the school gymnasium, but the thermostat is programed not to run on the weekend and nobody changed it. My cold would have been a lot worse if I had set there without heat even bundled up.
My office will be cold tomorrow unless someone changed the thermostat. They pushed it back for the weekend not realizing it was going to be that extremely cold. We all leave and learn.

The Christmas picture is of my youngest grandson. He has been helping his mommy decorate the house. He has to have his Christmas tree with his Cars ornaments in his room. She loves to decorate and that is where we spend Christmas Eve with the rest of the family.
He is just like the older two grandson's, they don't think you should come to their house unless you have certain people with you.
I will close for the afternoon and go bake some cookies to go with the hot tea or cider. Have a great day. Stay warm and out of the cold .


Sharon said...

Oh this sounds so cold. I grew up in MN so know what that feels like. You were smart to stay home. Love the picture of your grandson. Are my eyes going crazy or is that tree upside down....?

Vicki said...

Hi, Shirley,
Sounds like you all are certainly having some cold weather there. Stay warm and bundled up, my friend. Your little "cowboy" is certainly a cutie. Enjoy those cookies and warm tea. Merry Christmas to you and you family! Vicki