Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are You Ready for Spring??

Are you ready for Spring? I know I am sure ready to be able to stop dressing in layers. We had a heat wave today and got up to 54 degrees and tomorrow we are suppose to get to 63 degrees.
I am just thankful that tomorrow is Friday and will have two days off. If it goes like planned I will go see my grandsons on Saturday. We are back on the mend as far as the flu bug goes. My hubby's problem that is a different story. It is something that we will have to learn to live with. It just depends on how well the medications work at the present time. He takes a total of 15 pills a day plus 5 shots of insulin a day. It was so pretty that we went for a drive and stopped for a bite of supper tonight. He said that it felt good just to look at the scenery. We keep adding to the doctors list of appointments , but if we don't go for a second opinion then I will always wonder what it I had only done this. I think we are all bad to a certain point of second guessing ourselves.
I am in the process of outlining the design on my table runner. I didn't think I would like it at first, but the more I get done the better I like it. I hoping to be done in one more night, but it may take me a little longer. I can't work on it if I am driving the car.
The college is on Spring break this next week. It will be nice to come home to a meal already fixed. Our son can cook and does a pretty good job of it. I like it when it is done for me. He looks after mom. I told him just knowing that he is in the house and can help if necessary in an emergency makes me feel better.
I want to welcome my new followers and I hope to have time to come visit some more of the blogs, but it will have to wait until another night because it is bed time. Have a great day.


Cinderella Moments said...

I'm glad to hear you can take your husband out for a drive. I hope modern medicine can help you out.
Spring always brings hope and uplifted feelings. This might give your husband a little boost in spirits.
I'm so glad you are going to have a visit from your son and that you'll get some support.
As for me, things are looking up. The good lord has sent me some sweet miracle. He makes it look so easy. If I could just remember that he's in charge I'd save myself a lot of worrying!
And my little dog Lizzie is also on the mend. She is making remarkable progress. She can even stand up now and has started to take steps on her own. Another miracle from God. I'm so thankful I didn't have to put her down. She is so sweet and just a year old.
Don't worry if you can't visit my blog I know how busy you are. Love ya!
Take care of each other,

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am so happy your son is there to help you out right now. It does help to know that he is there if you need him and if he cooks even a big plus. lol
Yes I am ready for spring....not like all of you up north are but so ready. You know me and the cold.
Just wanted to check on you and let you know I think of you often wondering how you are doing.
Hang in there my Mo friend love from your Tx friend