Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Packages in one day

     It is unusal that I get two boxes in one day. One came by Ups and the other one by federal express. I got my light box today. I couldn't believe how bright the light was and I am anxious to try it. I got my tracing paper and have spent the evening reading as to how I want to try to do it when I wasn't taking care of my hubby.
     This crazy weather is driving me crazy with one day in the 70's, storms goes through some wind, hail, and rain. Then we only get in the 50's and tonight we go to the 20's.
They are talking about snow.
      We stayed home tonight which was an acception to the rule. Hubby wasn't feeling that good and a problem with his blood sugar. It is so discouraging at times because you never find a happy medium.
     My youngest grandson got to go for a bus ride last night when they went to the kindergarten round up. It doesn't seem like he should be going to  kindergarten in the fall. They have a kindergarten club that he has been going to where it lets them get acquainted with the teachers and other kids. He likes the teachers and they have three.
     Borders book store is closing before long. I will have to find something else to go in the Easter baskets. I normally put a gift card for each of the boys so they can go and pickout a new book. If they choose wisely enough, they can get two.
      Well I think I will see what my friends have been doing before I call it a day. I am hoping I don't end up having to take my hubby to the hospital. Please say a prayer for us tonight. Take care/    


sweet violets said...

Am keeping you in prayer...feel the Lord's arms wrapped around you...

We had almost 8" of snow today, I just wanted to cry.....and cold temps coming back....bah, humbug!!!

stay safe...cleo

Blondie's Journal said...

Our weather has been the same...lots of rain and winds and just gloomy weather. I hope and pray that hubby feels better soon. You really are an angel.


Mary Ann said...

Love your sweet post today. I'd like to invite you to enter my blog giveaway to win a $50. gift card!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Yesterday was 82, today is 68. Crazy weather for sure!
I know you will enjoy the light box sweets!
Have a fun day!
xx, shell

The French Bear said...

Oh Shirley how exciting, I have heard that light boxes make such a difference!! Glad that things are going well, let's hope this Spring will be kind to us all and sunshine will pour down!!!
We are still under lots of snow but I hope things will improve!
I am so happy you are having fun learning about building a blog, good for you!!!
Take my Missouri friend!
Margaret B

Melody said...

Hi Shirley......know it's late, but wanted to pop in and see how things are with you. I haven't been able to come by like I like. With Dad having the breathing trouble and Mom not able to get around the way she should...seems I am up here at their house all the time. I've even been here at least I get to go home for a little while with Jim at night, but I come back up in case they need something. I'm just a little pooped.
It has been in the upper 70's here..even 80! storms rolled thru and now it was 37 today with 3" of snow for tomorrow night into Sun. At this point I'm fine with cold, but noooooooooo snow.
You will LOVE that light box. You can trace all kinds of designs for embroidery! If you take a light weight white pillowcase and place it over the box with a design you transfer/trace right on the material..carefully, but you can.
How's your Son's school days going and your Daughter-in-Laws crafts?
Well, I'd better be getting to bed.
Know you and John are thought of daily here in Cincy..even if you don't hear from me daily....We are still tied together by embroidery threads:)
Your Cincinnati Blogpal