Thursday, January 26, 2012

50's anyone

We are almost to the end of January . Who would believe that we would have 50 degree weather after the last couple of winters that we have had. It has really been weird this year. 
Do you have big plans for the weekend? Mine will be taking my car back to the repair shop to find out what is wrong with my radio. It plays, it quits, and then it will play again. It makes no difference where you are at. The CD player won't play either if the radio isn't working. It is just frustrating.
Sunday we will be spending time with the family and watching a pinewood derby. Both of our sons were in scouts. Our oldest became an eagle scout. Our younger son was involved in other things. Our two boys are very different in their likes and dislikes. 
I am glad that they all have their own personalities. They can accomplish their own goals and not follow in  each others foot steps. Our daughter loves playing in the dirt. She is out in the field where oldest works in a lab setting running test on the soils, concrete and etc. 
She is teaching a lab again this semester at the local college. Her teaching goes toward her credentials. Those help a lot in what job she is allowed to work on. She worked at Itan when they were building down there.
I have been spending quite a bit of time embroidering right now.  I have been doing some for spring. I about have my rabbits tea towel done. Then I have one started that will be pansies. 
Hubby is doing better. He had me worried  for awhile. He can be doing pretty good and 5 minutes later we can be out the door going to the hospital. That is just how quickly things can go south as I call it.  We will be having more doctor visits this year then we did last. We go this next month  to see just how much help the iron infusion did. White cells, platelets, and red cells were just part of what was to low. You never know how much the iron infusion is going to raise him. You always wonder how much longer will they help. We are still dealing with a blood clot that they can't give him blood thinners to help dissolve it because his blood is already to thin. Now you know why I keep so very busy. 
We will get the family together for his birthday the 2nd of February. Last year we did a breakfast. I can't imagine his oldest flying home for his dad's birthday, but he might surprise us. 
My date is wrong on my picture because dummy me doesn't know how to change dates when I am taking pictures. This was my car a year ago about this time. So we are very thankful for the winter we have had so far this year. 
You all have a great weekend. Stay warm and safe


Blondie's Journal said...

50 degrees is wonderful, Shirley! We are supposed to warm up but they have been saying that for days and it has stayed in the 30's.

Sorry about your car. It is the little things that drive me crazy. I hope they can fix your radio. We all need some music or talk when we drive.

Hope things improve for hubby. He sounds like he has so many problems and it must be hard on you both.

Today I was going through a drawer and found a sampler I was working on months ago, still in the hoop. So I want to pick that up again while the winter drags on!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Melody said...

Hi Shirley! We've had about the same weather as you, but the one day ice storm was odd for us..usually we have a dump of snow..then an ice storm...then spring. We've been in the 40's to upper 60's..with some dips. The rain is what is worrysome. The ground has not froze so its mud. We have very steep hills around here and Mnts to the S.E. about..oh..less than 100 miles and flooding is worse last year and this. notice none of my pics are dated..tehe. But, not kiddin this program is 'sew' easy. It is truly just point and click. The same with my Scrapin Blogs overlays. Ya know..e-mail me I can send my phone # to ya and you could call and I cou;ld talk you thru it.....if niehter of us gets called from the least we're are 2 people who would definitely understand the quick...'I call you back' or plan on a midnight call!!

vicki said...

Hi Sweet Shirley-
I am so happy to hear from you. I am glad that your husband is doing better right now. I know that you worry almost every minute.

We have been having the most mild and wonderful winter - not a drop of snow so far. I fear that this can not possible last - I am afraid that February will be bad~~

I hope that you get it all fixed with your car. You need that radio!!

Id love to see your newest towel when you get it finished - i am sure it is fabulous as are all of your beautiful stitches.

Love you-