Sunday, January 22, 2012

What will happen next.

 The weather has made me wish I had a fireplace to curl up in front of with a good book, working on some embroidery, or just to watch the flames. 
Our weather has been all over the board this weekend.  We are getting rain at the moment. They say it is to turn over to snow, which means we will probably have some black ice in the morning. Just what I want to drive on to work. I thought I would show you some of the latest of my handy work along with some work in progress. 
My snow people tea towel is listed in my etsy shop. I don't know about the rest of you but I had a terrible time getting it done. It kept telling me that I needed my picture to be a certain size. I took the picture the same way that I take all of my pictures.  I finally got it done after several attempts. It can be very frustrating. 
My boys are wanting snow so very bad so they can try out new sleds, scoop the snow, and help dad's push snow. They say what we are suppose to get isn't going to amount to very much. 
What little ones sees others do then they have to try. My youngest has seen classmate getting help with their work so he is playing as though he doesn't know so he can have help to. He is a smart little cookie as I call him and he can count farther then he lets on plus he also counts in Spanish. His Spanish was from watching TV.
 The older two made a gingerbread house. One of the boys was given it as a present. Of course, they wanted to try to redesign it. Matt thinks he can change anything just because he does with his Lego set. He wants grandma to come and see his new Lego set. We will go next weekend and watch him race in the pinewood derby. If he wins, then they will go on to another race. We will have to wait and see on that one. 
My bunnies are on the end of a table runner, that is just about finished. The flowers are in the center of it  with bunnies on the other end. 
They make me think of my friends who have bunnies out there in blog land.  It  is just about finished. I have just a tiny bit more and it will probably be finished before I call it a day. 
Hubby is a little better, but he has been so sick. It always worries me  so I have to keep very very busy so I don't spend all of my time worrying about him.   He didn't want to go to someplace so that tells you how sick he has been. Normally if he had his way we would be gone someplace every day. I have to admit I rather enjoyed being able to stay home.
 My post has been a little longer then I intended. I hope you have a wonderful week. Stay warm and safe.


Marydon said...

Hope your hubby gets better quickly, Shirley. Your stitchery is absolutely wonderful. Love the bunnies, perfect for Easter.
Have a great week.

Debby said...

I do hope he gets better soon. I know it took my mother forever to get over her pneumonia.
Good luck in the derby. I have never been to boys were never in one.
Good luck on the roads. I love the snow but not the ice.
We are sure having strange weather as well. Snow on Friday, ice/snow Sat. Today in the 30's. Tomorrow morning tons of rain, possible tornados and winds 60mph. Are you kidding?
Have a good week. Try not to worry.

vicki said...

Hi Shirley - I am SO happy to hear from you. I know that things are uncertain for you right now and that you are holding a lot of worries in your heart. I am keeping you in my heart - I do so hope that your husband will start to feel a little better.

Your latest cross stitch pieces are incredible. You do magnificent handwork - so very time consuming - but then I could snuggle on a cold day - all warm inside and knit all day long.

I hope your winter does not get too bad - ours has been so very mild - at least so far - I am afraid to think ahead too far - I know its coming.

You mean the world to me Shirley~


sweet violets said...

Your pieces are beautiful as usual the bunnies!!! Some times I have a difficult time loading the pics on my etsy shop too....but manage to figure it out and then next time no problems!!

Our weather is crazy too, the winter that never was!!! They say rain and warm tomorrow with thunder...unheard of this time of year!!! We will certainly pay for it next month!! Keep warm and stay safe.....cleo

romance-of-roses said...

My dear friend Shirley, good wishes and prayers are going your way for your husband. Hope he soon feels good again, being sick is no fun. Mine has been doing alright, we stay home all the time, it's just too difficult for me to take him out. However, do try to make him happy here at home. For example on Sunday mornings, I put the fireplace on, light candles in the living room and put on our favorite cd's, then when I get him up it's toasty warm and we have our breakfast there in front of the fire. This makes him happy. Your work is so pretty, I have not done any embroidery in awhile now. Wish I had more time. Hugs...Lu

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Shirley!
I hope for your sake you did't get the snow or ice that was predicted yesterday. We had a 40% chance of it and it never happened other than a little sprinkle in the evening. Not enough to get us out of this drought. Your embroidery looks wonderful..makes me long for spring :) I'm sorry to read that your hubby hasn't been well...I hope this week is a better one for him and you too.
Maura :)

Cinderella Moments said...

Being sick is so frustrating. I hope he is able to get back to a more normal life soon. I love the bunnies. That is so adorable. It will be great for Easter for sure.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I do hope your hubby is feeling better by now and he is on the road to recovering.
Your pieces make me smile their so pretty.
We are having storms here today and a tornado touched down in our town thank goodness it was not serious.
I am having a hard time recovering from my trip but am getting there slowly
Wanted to come by and say hello.
I wish you had a fireplace too. I miss the one in my house in town. There are three out here and the house is so old I can't use any of them.
Take care honey

Rettabug said...

You do nice work, Shirley!

Drive safely if you have to go out in that ugly weather. It is very icy here today.

We have both been sick with colds around here. I hope your DH feels better soon. They are a worry.