Saturday, November 24, 2012

This and That

These last few days have absolutely flew by. You would like for them  to go a little slower. How many of you were brave and went shopping on Black Friday? 
Thanksgiving was spent at my son and daughter-in-laws.along with my daughter, son-in-law and my three grandsons. It was really wonderful because the girls did the cooking. I just had to show up. They were about ready to call me because I was later getting there then they thought I would be.
The boys were going to ride horses, but Cleo didn't want to cooperate. She hadn't been rode lately and she didn't want to be rode. They didn't seem to mind that they didn't get to. My oldest did ride her and a couple of times I thought he was going off, but he stayed on her for which I was very thankful for. 
Later in the day after hubby had talked to everyone by phone, I went and spent the rest of the day with him. I took some of his daughter's apple pie made from scratch, and some cranberry mini tarts made by his grandson Matt. He has a very poor appetite which is due to all of the medication that he is taking. 
On Friday, my daughter-in-law , oldest two grandsons, and I went to Jamesport, Missouri. We did a lot of walking looking at the craft show which was located in different buildings. I didn't see anything that I couldn't live without. I did go to the fabric shop, the bakery, and the grocery store. I found some old-fashioned candy that we had at Christmas time when I was a child. At the bakery, I bought me a cinnamon roll, a little pie, and got a fried pie to try. I, also, did find a small container of strawberry jam that was meant more for one person.  Today I had to go to the pharmacy, that I really didn't want to do. People were so rude. I really don't understand what their problem was.
I thought I would show you a couple of tea towels and pillowcases that I have been working on lately. I did start a baby quilt today while I was visiting my hubby. He would be talking and then just doze off. They told me it was because of medications, but it makes me wonder if I am really getting told right. .
Tomorrow I am on a mission to find a small size bottle of Woolite. I need it to wash a tea towel that I just finished that is sold.  I guess I will try the regular grocery store and see if I have any luck tomorrow. I don't want a big bottle because I just don't have the need for it. Did you all have a good Thanksgiving? Did you eat to much like a lot of us did? I think I walked a lot of mine off, but I did get a care package to bring home of left overs. I just finished them off tonight.  Well it is getting late so I think I will hit the sack or should say go to bed. Take care and enjoy your weekend. 


NanaDiana said...

Hi Shirley. It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving and I am glad the kids got to ride some. Was hubby able to eat any of the pie or tarts you took to him? Poor soul, bless him. I know those medications are awful for the appetite. It seems they work one way or another-they either kill your appetite or you are hungry all the time.

I go to less and less craft shows as the years go by-it seems I need less and less and don't buy like I did at one time. At least you found a couple things to buy.

That pillowcase is gorgeous. I LOVE the candy cane one and have not seen one like it. I used to do a lot of embroidery but haven't done any in years.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

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Karen Gass said...

Shirley it sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. I know it must be hard to do this things when hubby is not by your side - or vice versa. :) You just keep going and going - I will remember to pray for you.

I live in Joplin, MO - do you also live in MO? I don't know where Jamesport is, I've just lived here about 8 yrs and not done a lot of driving. Well, when we do go somewhere, mike is driving and I'm knitting! Lol

Hang in there - karen

Vickie said...

Well, Shirley I prayed for you both.
I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. We did too. The kids go back to school on Tuesday, it is a nice long weekend.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey you have been on my mind so much and I have prayed continually for you and your dear hubby.
I know it was hard not having him there with you guys for Thanksgiving but I am so glad you did spend it with your kids and that all you had to do was show up.
You have to be exhausted so try to be gentle on yourself.
Keeping you in my prayers.

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Shirley,
So glad you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving with your family and then spent time with your hubby. So glad the kids did get to ride some. I am sure that made them so happy.
Sounds like a fun day at the craft shows and you got some yummy treats too.

We don't see many craft shows around here anymore. Years ago, when I used to paint all folkart and country items, I did many shows myself and did well, but today very few around.

Shirley your pillowcases are gorgeous. I was just at your etsy shoppe and everything is gorgeous. I bet the new quilt you are working on will be beautiful.
Praying for your hubby and you too my friend.
Have a wonderful week.

Sending hugs, Celestina Marie

vicki said...

Shirley-- I'm glad that you had a wonderful holiday-- some special times with your family. Your trip to the craft show was a nice outing for you.

Your latest embroidery work is beautiful-- I love your holiday designs. I'm linking to your etsy shop in my etsy shopping post coming out tomorrow-- I hope you get some sales.

I'm sorry your husband is still so sick-- I can't imagine how worried you must be--


Marydon said...

Shirley, the stitchery is gorgeous. So wish I were able to do this nicely.

Hope hubby is doing better, my friend. Glad you had a lovely holiday & the children were with you.


romance-of-roses said...

Hi dear friend Shirley, happy to hear you had a nice family Thanksgiving. We also had a wonderful day but I did not indulge too much on the food and it wasn't easy. How is your hubby doing? Yes, hope they are telling you the truth about him. Take care, prayers for you both....Lu

romance-of-roses said...

Shirley, oops sorry didn't mention how much I loved your work. You always make lovely things. I don't really embroider too much anymore, do not have time. But hope to do more in the coming year. Hugs...Lu

The French Bear said...

Shirley, I do love your embroidery, especially the Merry Christmas, that's my favourite. I don't know how you find the time to everything you do, you must be exhausted somedays!!! I hope and pray that things will get easier for you and your hubby will be better soon.
How nice to have a meal made for you, what a lovely thing to must have felt wonderful to just come and eat and not have to cook!
I think of you often and hope that someday we will meet!!!!
Take care Sweetie.