Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Around the Corner

   Are you ready for 2013? Have you made your New Year's resolution? My four day weekend started at 4:45 P.M. this evening. I didn't have to stop at the store and I was glad. It was snowing when I came home from work. We were to have flurries, so we shall see what the ground looks like in the morning. It was damp and cold. We never did get above 25, but with the  wind chill it was colder yet.
  I did my grocery shopping last night so I wouldn't be caught in the crowd. The last time I went when it was storming. It took me over a hour to just get my groceries and get to the car. I just pick a different time when it is not as crowded. 
  Did you have a nice Christmas? We invaded the nursing home on Christmas Eve. We were all there with hubby excepting for our oldest and the way the weather and all has been I am glad he didn't try to come home. We have talked with him several times. Hubby had an enjoyable supper eating what he liked and seeing his boys. The two younger ones had to help push grandpa back to his room.  When we left the nursing home, we went back to  our daughter's house. I got a little bag to carry my scissors, needles, tape measure, and all the little gadgets that you need for sewing and a nice cup that you can use for hot and cold beverages.
  Christmas morning I went to breakfast and Santa bought me breakfast tip and all. It was a pleasant surprise and I almost cried. I didn't expect anything like that. After that I spent the day with hubby, I embroidered and he slept. He would wake up every so often and make sure I was still there and doze back off. I would almost say he had pain medication, but he said he hadn't. They could give it to people without their knowledge because they are just handed a container and tell them there is their meds. 
  I don't know what my weekend will bring. It depends on the weather. I just know that the alarm clock won't be set and I get to sleep as late as I want. 
I thought I would show you my owl that I got finished. If you go out for New Year's Eve, please careful and safe. Stay warm. Hugs and Prayers going out to those in need. May you all have a wonderful weekend.


NanaDiana said...

Shirley- What a wonderful thing that Santa bought you breakfast. There are just things that really touch us, aren't there?
It sounds like you had a nice Christmas Day and that your hubby was well taken care of. I am glad your son didn't try to drive home in the bad weather.

I hope you enjoy your time off and can relax a bit. Pamper yourself a bit if you can. Love your owl!!! xo Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm happy to hear you spent Christmas with your husband and kids...and that you have some time off from work! Yay! Sleep late, have breakfast in bed, read all day!

No snow for us yet, just a dusting here and there. And no plans for NYE, I am happiest at home.

Hoping things improve with your husband and that 2013 is a better year.

Much Love,

sweet violets said...

So glad you had a nice Christmas!!! And good for you to have 4 days off.....sleep in and get lotsa rest!!! Do nice things for yourself......hugs...cleo

Vickie said...

An enjoyable, great Christmas, good for you all. Your owl looks great Shirley. I am praying for you both.

Kerrie said...

Praying for you, I know how hard it is for you with hubby. Your embroidery is so perfect, love the owl! Hugs, Kerrie

Susie said...

Shirley, Thank you for visiting my blog. We did get 5 more inches of snow last night...two vehicles have gone down our plows, so I have a feeling it'll be no paper either..the only thing I like about being in the country, the quiet and the birds. Otherwise I rue the day we moved here.
Shirley, I pray for you and your husband. You have had your share of hard times lately. Maybe the new year will bring you some well deserved blessings. xoxo,Susie

Linda Primmer said...

Hello Shirley, such a pleasure to meet you. Our clogging group usually performs for nursing homes. It brings some Christmas cheer.
By all means, sleep in...It's a stressful time. Have a happy and healthy new year from your newest follower, Linda

Debby said...

So sweet for you to sit with your husband while he slept. He probably could relax knowing you were there and got some good needed sleep.
Okay, I am in love with that owl.
Good for Santa. Nice having a treat from time to time.
Perfect gift for you.
Please try to rest up.