Friday, December 7, 2012


Where was  the rain when we needed it so badly this summer? It rained on me coming home from the nursing home tonight. At least the temperature was still in the 40's so I didn't have to worry about it turning to ice. 
I am so glad that it is the weekend.  Did you ever have a day when no matter what you tried to do, nothing was going right?  I am working on the month I was gone from work  and I would love to push it in file 13, but  I won't .  I will get it figured out just may take a little longer then I thought.
I  think hubby was a little down tonight. It is the holidays and hard on him that he is unable to go Christmas shopping, to the Christmas programs, and all.  We will find out if he can begin to put weight on his hip or not this next Friday when we go see the doctor.  The Nursing home will take him in the van and I will ride down with them.  I think we are both looking forward to that visit so we know exactly where we are at with the  healing process. I saw some of the open wounds tonight. They don't look that good in my opinion. I need to try to get a hold of the doctor that is treating him there to find out what the biopsy showed that they did on his leg. 
I went last night to see him, then I went to Matt's Christmas program before I came home. I enjoyed watching the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders perform. Their program lasted about 40 minutes which is about as long as they go before they get restless. It didn't take them very long to clear out after the program. 
I am trying to do a little me time to keep me going.  Now you know why I keep so busy. It is to give me other things to think about.  Well I need to bring this to a close. I am going Christmas shopping with my daughter and her husband. They are going to help me finish my shopping so that I don't have to worry about it. Take care and Have a wonderful weekend.


Kim said...

I think it's so great you are trying to incorporate some "me" time into your life. With all that you have on your plate its so important to take care of yourself.
Hugs, Kim

sweet violets said...

Glad you are going to have some help with the shopping, and have some time for yourself too!! Thinking of you....Cleo

NanaDiana said...

Shirley- I am like you- I stay busy and it keeps me going. I am so sorry to hear that your hubby is still not home. It is good for you, in a way, that he is there though. That is a lot of care and with working and all there is no way you could do it all. I hope the biopsy turned out all right- xo Diana

Vickie said...

I am a busy body too. That will be so nice to get shopping taken care of.
I have prayed for your husband's biopsy.

romance-of-roses said...

My Dear Shirley, Nice to go shopping with your family and hope that you get good news from the doctor. Do you think your hubby will be home for Christmas? Don't think he will be too happy if he can't. I pray he can. Yes, best to keep busy, I do the same. Haven't really decorated the house yet, been too busy with boutiques, done now so hopefully will get something done around here. You always have my prayers, Hugs...Lu

Kerrie said...

Dear Shirley, I am so sorry to hear that the hip is not healing well for your hubby. It is so hard for you not to have him with you at this time and you are in my prayers. I will list you by first name in my prayer list on Kerrie's Home Journal, My Christian blog. And do take care of yourself sweet lady, you are important, too. BIG HUGS, Kerrie ♥

20 North Ora said...

Hope your husband's recovery is speedy and he is home for the holidays. Your embroidery work is beautiful.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi Honey
Alway keeping you in my prayers.
Came by tonight to tell you that you have won my candy giveaway.
I am on my way now to do the post but wanted to let you know some good news for a change. lol
Just send me your choice of candy at and of course your address. lol

Marydon said...

Staying busy is about all one can do ... the mind is a stinker sometimes. Hope the results come out for the best, Shirley. Enjoy your shopping ... getting out & about is good for you.

Merry Christmas

Cinderella Moments said...

I do hope your husband is healing quickly. I hope he'll be home with you soon. This must be so hard on the whole family. God speed Shirley.

Rebecca said...

Hello sweet Shirley! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your sweet comments about my hubby graduating. We are so happy and blessed his schooling is over.

I'm soooooo SAD to hear your beloved is still not home. How frustrating that must be. I'm sure he's lonely without his home around him...prayers going up for good news.

Blessings to you and love! Better days are coming. I know it.

Love, Rebecca

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Shirley, Staying busy helps so much and that is a good thing. I am so sorry your hubby is still in the nursing home and I pray the doctors will give hin the okay to go home for Christmas and the biopsy be okay. I know it will be the best gift for you ever.
Stay well and rest when you can. Glad you are taking some me time.

Sending you big hugs and many prayers.
XO Celestina Marie