Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Black Ice

     I heard the tires spinning and looked out the window. One of my neighbors driveway is on an incline. It took him I don't know how many tries to get up the hill. When I walked to the mailbox, I could see the spots of black ice on the street. I wonder how many wrecks there will be because of it. 
     I stayed home today because of the cold. I worked yesterday and the furnace wasn't working that good. I even dressed warmer, but it was still cold. I felt like I had caught a cold and I didn't want to give it to my hubby. He was fine with me staying at home. He doesn't want to worry about me driving in the cold.
     I think of all of my friends who have worse weather then I do. It is the wind chill that I don't like. I know that I have to go to the grocery store and buy a few groceries to add to what I already have on hand. I know that hot soup sounded good for supper tonight.  Cold weather makes me hurt. I am trying to be very careful and not fall remembering what I went through last year when I fell on the ice. I didn't break anything, but this year I might not be so lucky. 
     Have you ever put something where you will know just where it is at? I have been hunting for a list that I layed up and I haven't found it yet. I guess I am just going to have to go from memory that should really prove interesting. 
     There has been several post on face book and blogs about Christmas of the past. Remembering when we were growing up, how we celebrated Christmas then as compared to now. When I started school, we went to a one room school house. When the snow came, we took our sleds to school. We would go coasting at noon and needless to say the teacher had a hard time getting us back inside because we were having to much fun. We would build snowmen and forts. Have snowball fights, skate on the ice on the creeks, walk on top of the snow drifts. Get in trouble for using mom's wash tub, a scoop shovel to coast in, but we had fun. Decorating a tree brought in from the pasture, yes I do remember the tinsel that mom always wanted put on one strand at time. We would just throw it. 
     Cooking on a wood stove and taking an iron wrapped in newspaper to bed to help keep us warm. When you talk about that now, you get looked at as though we lost our mind. We had a lot of fun growing up with  so many brothers and sisters. We always had friends at our house especially when we moved closer to town. Cookies and hot chocolate would be waiting for us when we would come in from coasting. I still say the kids today need to know about history and what we have gone through. 
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    Have a wonderful day and try to stay warm and safe. 


Debby said...

It's better to stay in and be safe if you can. I don't like the bitter cold or the ice but I do love this time of the year. Some of your memories sound like my mothers. Goodness you aren't even near her age. It's fun to hear them. I hope your furnace is okay. It may just be having a hard time keeping up.

Blondie's Journal said...

Don't drive unless you really have, to. Keep a blanket in your car and a couple of bottles of water. And always have your cell phone.

Whenever I lose something, or more often someone else and I have to help them look, it's always good to retrace your steps. What were you doing and where were you the last time you had it in your hand. And always look on the floor, I'm forever dropping things.

I don't have many great childhood winter memories. I had asthma and the cold made it worse. I used to watch the kids out the window playing. I had a great time in the summer though, swimming every day at the nearby lake. Luckily, the cold doesn't bother my lungs much anymore.

Stay warm and be careful.


Beth said...

I think I will hibernate until spring. :-) Black ice is very treacherous. Stay safe.

Beth said...

I think I will hibernate until spring. :-) Black ice is very treacherous. Stay safe.

Kim said...

Ugh that tinsel!!! I remember a few arguments about tinsel placement as a child. One parent was a tosser and one was a perfectionist

Vickie said...

Yes, that tinsel was great!
Stay warm and safe Shirley.
I am sorry, I do not have Facebook.

Rettabug said...

Your Christmas memories are precious, Shirley!
You were smart to stay home...I'm inside all day with our bitter temps today.
I always lift up a prayer to St. Anthony, the patron saint of loss causes, when I can't find something. It works!!

Stay inside where its warm & do be careful walking!!