Sunday, December 8, 2013


      Can't you just see walking down the street Christmas shopping? I don't know where the picture was taken at, but I thought it was beautiful with the snow and decorations. 
   Snow on the ground and another day of bitter cold weather. It was a good day to stay inside. I have talked to my hubby a couple times today. He told me yesterday that I would be spending the day at home. Other then getting  the newspaper, I didn't go outside today. I am suppose to work tomorrow, but it will be wait and see.
      I did get out yesterday, but it was only to go to the nursing home. I ended up eating supper with him. He says that he is full without eating all of his supper, which worries me because he hasn't ate that much. 
     According to the news there were quite a few slide off's today. It meant that they weren't driving the way they should for the road condition. My niece was coming down to Christmas shop, but after watching the car lose it in front of them. They went back home. 
     I thought I would show you some of the tea towels I just finished. They are going to be going to a new home. I am happy the way they turned out. My grandson did the  picking colors for me when we were at the craft show. 
       Yesterday was the rocket race for my youngest grandson cub scout project. He finished second. He would have had first only he didn't get his finger out of the way fast enough after he wound up the rubber band. He got a trophy to add to his shelf. 
Next will be the pine wood derby. He is already talking about the car he wants. He is very competitive, wants to win, but doesn't bother him if he doesn't. He just says he needs to try harder. 
     Christmas will soon be here and I know I probably won't be ready. Christmas makes me remember my dad, who passed away on Christmas Day. When I was in college and went home, I would go to the barn setting on the steps while he milked the cows. I always spent time talking with both of my parents. They were the sounding board. They let us voice our opinion and told us what they thought. Normally we would do what they wanted us to do. 
     This time of the year brings back the memories of the coasting parties, hot chocolate, cookies that was always ready when we came in while growing up not far from town. Our house was full of friends.
     We would all go home for Christmas and there was always something under the tree for all. One year it was covered sponge balls. Needless to say they were flying through the air. Walking on top of snow drifts to get home, did that one year too. 
     Wherever you are at and whatever weather you have, please be safe and warm. Take care.



Celestina Marie said...

Hi Shirley, Love the city pic you share. It looks so nostalgic from long ago. Your stitch work is lovely. Sounds like you had a stay inside kind of day staying warm and off the roads.
We are still iced in here and most schools will be closed again tomorrow. It is bitter cold.
I hope you don't have to work tomorrow and can stay home for the day.
I hope your hubby gets his appetite back. I am sure he will in time. Sometime we all go through this, not feeling too hungry or full. Your grandson sounds like a special young man.

I too have been thinking of my family this season who have passed away. Christmas was always so special in our home growing up and I do miss my parents so very much, but now our traditions and family love go on in their honor.

I walked on many a snow drifts growing up in Michigan. Today we have an ice drift and I am NOT going to walk on it!!! LOL
Love to you sweet friend,
Celestina Marie

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I can hear the carols playing as I look at that photo. Hugs to you and your hubby and your entire family. Know I think of you every day and send light, love and lots of prayers your way.

Debby said...

Beautiful picture. It looks like our village. Your Christmas stitching is really pretty. I like the snow but not the freezing cold and ice. It is cold here too. MY daughter said it is just frigid in Colorado. I am sure your husband worries about you being out and about. BE careful. Sometimes remembering good times make you a little sad. ((((HUGS))))

NanaDiana said...

Shirley- What a wonderful post. You do such beautiful needlework! I hope you can sell a lot of the stuff you have worked on. Love them all.

Hope you have a good, safe night. We have super slippery roads here and snow is coming down hard. xo Diana

sweet violets said...

Your towels are so pretty, you do such nice work!!

I was tripping down memory lane also last night.....our family never owned a car, so my older brother and I would walk downtown pulling my big sled to the Knights of Columbus where they sold trees. We'd buy one and then it took the two of us to pull it home on the sled, and it was mighty cold too with the deep snow!!! Then when my dad came home from work the two of them would bring it in and put it up. It was always such an event!!!

Vickie said...

Thanks for the memories today Shirley. I enjoyed learning more from you. =)

Gert said...

Hi Shirley...I love that first photo..and yes it would be so wonderful to walk down that street! I love your is so are very talented!! Wonderful craft to carry around with you and to work on whenever and where ever you are!! Congrats to your grandson!! My prayers are with you and your hubby, it can be so difficult!

Love reading your blog! Stay warm and safe!