Monday, January 6, 2014

Deep Freeze

     Are you in a deep freeze too? I am lucky that I can change the day of the week that I work. I am staying home not only because of the cold, but I have been trying to come down with a cold. I have my cough drops and Vick's handy plus my cup of hot tea with honey in it. There is so much stuff going around right now. 
    My driveway and steps got cleared yesterday just in time. My grandson, Matt had his first basketball game and he didn't want grandma to miss it. It was so much fun to watch. He plays as a guard and lets the bigger kids shoot. He can steal the ball from the bigger kids by ducking under their arm. They lost 20-18 but it was exciting because it was first one way and then the other. What I liked most was everybody played. They rotated so that they could rest. My oldest grandson was waiting for me so he could show me where they were sitting. 
     Schools are closed today because of the bitter cold. I can understand why they didn't want them to be outside in it. They just got an extra day of vacation. 
    Be sure to say the prayers for those in need. There is so many people that are needing them right now. I know that my list keeps getting longer and longer. When you are a caregiver, there are times when you need a prayer to give you the strength to deal with the situations that you face because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I have great admiration for those that have that responsibility, at the job they do, and can relate so well being one myself. God is there with us every step of the way. 
    I think about all of my friends who have more snow then I do, and facing the bitter cold. I just want them to be safe, warm, and if traveling please be careful. 
   Take care.


Beth said...

I was the caregiver for the last 2 years of my husband's life. I felt it was my privilege to take care of him. There is a lot involved too in being a caregiver, managing the household, maintenance, mowing the lawn, etc.
I hope that your cold doesn't get worse. You use the same remedies that I do. :-)

Melody Brown said...

Happy New Year Shirley!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It was ok here. Today is cold tomorrow wind chill 20-30 below yikes. Having snow flurries coming off the Ohio River like they lake effect snows off the great Lakes..

sweet violets said...

It is nasty here......don't go outside Shirley, its dangerous!!! To the east of us they will get 1 to 3 FEET of snow, coming right off Lake Ontario....that's crazy!!! Its like a blizzard here with the high take care now....

Quinn said...

Pretty nippy here, yes. And the weird fluctuations in weather make it easier to get sick, I think...but I hope your cold goes away before if ever really arrives! Take care :)

Vickie said...

Yes my friend, deeply frozen here too. Take good care. I am praying for you.