Sunday, January 26, 2014

Where's Spring

  The wind is howling outside my window and you wonder just where Spring is. They said it was at 48 miles a hour according to my weatherbug, but it sounds like jet engines. It has rain in front, with mixture, and snow behind it. I am hoping that it is moving so fast that we don't get much. We got up to 53 degrees earlier today which wasn't that bad, but boy did the temperature drop fast.
    I thought I would post pictures of my boys that you will hear about on my blog. My older two are with big brother's horse Fergie. She is such a gentle horse and will do what ever they ask of her. She will take good care of Matt this summer when he lopes her. He still wants to do the races, but I am not sure if mom and dad will let him do that. He is just so little as the picture will show further down my blog of him. He is starting to grow, but his legs aren't long enough yet. I keep hearing Big Brother is getting a new horse, but I don't know if that has happened yet. My oldest is grandma's helper and come June he will be old enough to get his driving permit. I don't know if I am ready for that or not.

      My base ball player is going to play ball again this summer. His dad got drafted to be the coach last year. They have talked him in  to doing it again. It will soon be that time of the year. He is working on his pinewood derby car for the race Saturday. I didn't get to see it. It is to be a surprise. I got reminded again what time I needed to be there. I try to go watch all three unless it gets to terrible hot. He is doing the Jump Rope for the American Heart Association. He had to do his own calling and asking the neighbors  and family for donations. He is so funny. I got the complete run down on what the money was going for when he asked me if I would sponsor him.

   The last picture is of my basketball player and horse rider. They played today and won 26-7. He made 4 of those points. He was tired when they got through playing. They play
Matt and Fergie
10 minute quarters. There is enough players that they have two sets of 5. Depending on when they are started which quarter they play they are kept moving. They rest the opposite. They lost their first game and have won everyone since. 
   My last picture is him with Fergie who he is going to ride this summer. He isn't much bigger then the picture, but he is starting to get a little taller. He is my dare devil, lego man, and  not afraid of anything which may be good or bad. 
    Enough about my boys as you  can tell they are my pride and joy. They are who I go see when I need a change of scenery from the nursing home. 
    I am going to be spending Tuesday afternoon there to see the doctor. I don't know if it will be do me any good or not, but if it doesn't I know the phone number who just might be able to help get the results I want. Sometimes they do a good job of giving lip service, but not doing what they say.You have to protect your love one's and be there for them. I have been his care giver for going on 15 years. It has been a roller coaster ride. 

    You all have a wonderful week and I will be visiting as much as I possibly can. Take care. Be safe and for those of you in the cold weather stay warm. 


Quinn said...

You are a stalwart advocate for your husband, Shirley! And you set a wonderful example for the youngsters in your wonder they are growing up so well. Have a good Monday!

Beth said...

Your grandsons are very handsome young men. I love the photos with the horse.

Sometimes we have to speak out for our loved ones if we want to get answers. Good for you Shirley!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You have such handsome grandsons! I love seeing them with their horse, too. That little one looks so small beside the horse!

The wind is really something tonight and our son left about an hour ago in this stuff to head back to KC. I sure wish he'd gotten on the road earlier or stayed overnight, but he has to be at the office at 7 in the morning. He'll call when he gets home because he knows I'm a worrier.

Good luck with getting answers about your husband, Shirley. Stay safe and warm!

Cindy said...

Your grandkids are cute, and I'm sure a great distraction from some of the heavy commitment caregiving can be. I hope all goes well for you this week! All the best from freezing cold Michigan!!

NanaDiana said...

Shirley- I am so happy that you have those wonderful grandsons of yours. I know what joy and sweet satisfaction they give to your life. You are blessed to have them and I know that God has blessed you.

You are a real inspiration the way you have taken care of your hubby all these years...and continue to do so and act as his advocate. You are right- if you don't stand up for his treatment and care-no one else will.

God bless you, Shirley- xo Diana

Jules Woolford said...

Lovely photos - no wonder you are a proud grandmother, and what a beautiful horse. Good luck and very best wishes to you in looking after your husband's interests and care.x

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely pictures. Our grandchildren surely keep us young, don't they.

Have a good week. We are freezing in northern Indiana with -13 temps and -40 wind chill.

Vickie said...

Good for you staying after the doctor. You have to.
We are back to the frigid weather here. School is cancelled for the two teenagers today and tomorrow.

jenann said...

They look like great young men, all three of them.
Will I EVER be a grandma? Beginning to think it unlikely as my 'kids' are in their mid 30s now. I so miss my classrooms full of kids, as well as the long gone days when my own were growing up.
So... just for a few minute, I crossed the ocean and borrowed yours!


Hello Shirley, I always enjoy seeing your lovely family photos. I reckon the way it looks like here In Michigan right now we will never see Spring. Sad but true. Hopefully we will have a early one this year. Hugs Judy

Gert said...

Shirley, oh my, your grandsons are adorable and 'handsome'! I love the horses too!! I can see why you're so proud of your grandsons! Especially the one raising funds for the American a Heart Assn., that is a very special and thoughtful thing for him to do! He is growing up to be a very caring young man!

Glad you're there for your husband. This is very important for him. From experience I know! Good luck tomorrow!

Our weather is like yours...very cold and windy here today!


kathyinozarks said...

Hi Shirley I loved all the photos. that cold wind is howling here too-I am sooo ready for spring too Kathy