Sunday, January 19, 2014

     The weekend is almost gone. The days just fly by so very fast anymore. My family keep trying to tell me it is because I am getting  older or at least that is what my grandsons tell me at times. Some of their ideas are priceless. They had a big lego competition in Kansas City yesterday and some of the things they showed the kids made were unreal.
      At least the wind has died down for the time being, we had a couple of days where it was clocked at 54 miles a hour. It did have a little freezing sleet mixed in, but didn't last long or cause any problems. I know that some of the big rigs were having problems with the wind along with high profile vehicles. I followed an oats bus to the nursing home and you could tell it was bothering him quite a bit. 
     Valentine's Day is just about a month away. First on the agenda will be celebrating a Ground Hog Day birthday. Hubby's birthday is getting close. He says he is going to start deducting years instead of getting older. I think his birthday cake will be just a small one with 74 shown on the top in frosting instead of big candles. His lab work came back better, but not terrific. He falls asleep so easy. I just take something to work on while I let him sleep. He wakes up every so often to make sure I am still there.
     Wish me luck, I am going to try videoing my first ballgame later today. It should be  interesting. My oldest said that he would do it, but he has 4H this afternoon. He will be very busy with working on their judging for competition. State competition is coming up in March and their club is going to host their first horse show this year so that is in the planning stage. They are all looking forward to warmer weather so they can start riding. One of their friends got thrown from their horse. They were lucky and lit in a snow bank. They didn't break anything just hurt pride. I am looking forward to watching them. 
     Both of the younger grandsons liked ice skating when they tried it. They went to birthday parties held at the ice rink. We are fortunate to have one here in town and they just got a new Zamboni. It is electric so it will be more friendly then the old propane run one they use to have. I still like to watch them skate. 
    It is time that I need to get around. I am going to the nursing home for a while. I won't be able to do it tomorrow. Have a great day. Stay warm and safe.


Beth said...

Shirley, when you talk about visiting your husband at the nursing home I remember the many days I would sit in the hospital by my husband's side while he slept. He too would wake up now and then to make sure I was still there. My heart goes out to you both. HUGS!!

Vickie said...

Oh my boys played with legos endlessly years ago.
Have a good visit Shirley.

Louise Michie said...

It is so nice, the way you love your grandsons. If everyone had such a caring and interested grandmother, the world would be a much better place.

Quinn said...

I'm so glad your husband's lab tests show improvement! That sounds encouraging :)

Gert said...

Oh Shirley...bless you for all your caring and love you have and do for your family. I know how much it means to your husband to just have you there.and you're making sweet memories for your grandchildren! Please be safe and enjoy your adventures today....I still haven't got my camera figured out! Our GGreat grands will be one this week...I need to figure mine out too for that advent!!

Blessings from Iowa!

Vicki Boster said...

Shirley dear your energy is so amazing-- you give so much time and love to your adorable grandsons-- and are so devoted to your visits with your husband. I admire you so much for all that you do-- your family is so lucky to have you:)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I was happy to read of your husband's improvement in the bloodwork. That is encouraging!
Hope your week is off to a good start. I agree that the days really fly by and I'm not so sure it has anything to do with age because my daughter says the same thing. Take care and stay warm, it's a cold one out there today!

Mom E. said...

Glad you keep taking things with you while he sleeps. It is peaceful to work on things while someone you love sleeps nearby and is comforted just by your presence. Just keep putting things in your Etsy store!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Shirley
I love your blog. Your design is inviting. Your mix of family and your stitching is perfect. I will be coming back. Nice to meet a new friend.