Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow and Doctor Appointment

      The Cardinal is just one of the several that steals  the dog's food at my grandsons's house. They even bought bird feed, but they seem to like the dog food better. I don't know what they are going to try to do next.
      I thought I would show you a couple of the things that I have been working on. My redword Valentine is actually on a black striped towel, but it looks green. I have it listed in my etsy shop and have another one ready to list.
      My baby bibs are something new that I have been doing. My kitten is actually a grey, but for some reason the color is showing up  a different color. It was suppose to be a steel gray maybe it had a little blue in it.
    I spent the day with my oldest two grandsons yesterday and this was looking out at their back deck. You could see how deep the snow was. They had paths scooped to the dog kennel, the horses, and you almost thought it was a maze as to how it branched off to the different places. They had a path to the shed where the hay was kept and all.
    My daughter in law has a statue in her front yard by the front deck and this was all that you could see was his head. They had drifts in places and I was very happy that they came and got me plus brought me home.
     My grandson's first opportunity to go sledding. He came in red cheeked, but he had fun. He had hot chocolate with marshmallows to help him warm up. They were doing chores feeding the dogs and the horses. Poor Shorty, their corgi was having quite a time in the snow with his legs being so short. 
     I made my eye doctor appointment which was a follow up from my cataract surgery. He was pleased how well I can see and how well they are healing. 20/20  He will dilate them when I go back in six months. I told him at least it would be better weather when I go back, but as he reminded me we have had snow in May. Mother Nature hasn't cared where you lived this time. I didn't have a problem except when an idiot driving a truck decided he wanted my lane. I got partially off on the shoulder and held on praying that staying partially on a dry lane with one side of the car and the other on snow that I would make it by him. I didn't wreck, but I need my mouth washed out with soap with what I called him. I don't use those words. It must have really scared him because he hung back from me after that. He would have got me in the driver's door. God was sure looking out for me today. I was glad I wasn't seeing my primary care doctor today for my blood pressure probably went through the roof. 
    Hubby doesn't walk far, but at least he is trying and that is the main thing. I am hoping to go see him tomorrow as I have only talked to him since Sunday on the phone. I normally go every day the weather permits. At least it warmed up some. 
    Pine wood Derby tomorrow so I am going to try to go watch my youngest grandson tomorrow. He was mad that he had to go back to school after being out three days. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and warm. Take care.


Gert said...

Oh my guys really do have the snow this year don't you? So glad you are safe...those other drivers can be terrible...and frightening! Your husband is doing good, just trying to walk. I'm sure he's proud of himself!

Stay warm and well.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The kids in northern Indiana will be going to school about a week longer this summer due to these snow days.

I love the way the Cardinal's color stands out against the white/grey landscape. I almost want to try putting dog food out for MY visitors~ lol~

Be well..its always an interesting visit here.

Blondie's Journal said...

Shirley, please be careful's not the way we drive, but the other idiots. I'm glad you are getting good reports from the eye doctor. I have to get to one...haven't decided yet, the last one was terrible. I am now wearing glasses from 15 years ago as I broke the glasses from 5 years ago...none are good.

Take care.


Cheryl @ TFD said...

Oh, I just love the cardinals, especially in winter. It looks as if you got a little more snow than we did. My daughter and I went to WalMart tonight and it snowed on us before we got home. I'm really over this winter stuff. It can move along any day now!!
It's great news about your eyes and your hubby getting to walk even a little bit. Trying is good.
Be careful getting out tomorrow and have a nice weekend.

Vickie said...

I am so happy for you, that your eyes are seeing so well.
How wonderful that your husband is making progress. I am sure you will know more when you see him.
Take care on the roads. I know. I hate driving in it!

Mereknits said...

Shirley, so glad you are okay and that there was no damage to your car. Great news about your eyes. Love seeing your grandsons picture, what a great childhood memory they will have sledding and coming in to warm up with hot chocolate.
Hugs to you and stay safe,

Susie said...

Shirley, You cracked me up...washing your mouth out. My daughter calls those pushy drivers, "driving A-holes" Glad your eyes are doing so well ! We have been watching the birds eat the squirrels' corn. I think they are eating anything they can find.
Have fun at the derby.xoxo,Susie

Beth said...

Thank heaven that you are OK Shirley.

This has truly been a miserable snowy cold winter. I have seen snow flurries in May.

Vicki Boster said...

Shirley- your new embroidery projects are so beautiful! The baby bibs are going to be very popular.

Love the snow pictures-- so fun for your boys. YOU be careful!!

I pray your husband makes progress with his therapy--

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Shirley, As always your stitching is so adorable! You make the sweetest things!...I'm so happy your eyes surgery was so successful...Be careful driving around in the snow. Thank goodness you weren't hurt, but I giggled at the thought of you saying some choice words. It's amazing what slips out when we're driving sometimes! xoxo

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your embroidery is so sweet! Looks like you have quite a bit of snow! Such a pretty photo of that bright red cardinal!

Bonnie said...

So glad up are safe Shirley. It sounds like you have had some close calls. The cardinal is beautiful. Stay warm. Hopefully the storms will let up soon.

Wendy said...

lovely embroidery! i'd like to embroider tea towels, but I'm worried about the back. How do you keep it neat whilst also securing the threads?