Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spent the Day With

    I got to spend the day with my oldest grandson. We were going to check on belt buckles for high point for a horse show they are having this summer. When we got there, the place didn't look like it was a business. As a matter a fact it look like something else. When we asked about it, we were told you had to make an appointment. I told my grandson, I didn't like the looks of it and I was afraid that maybe they wouldn't get what they were wanting. I know what I thought about it look more like, but I will keep those thoughts to myself. 
   They are in the process of selling advertising for their program booklet getting sponsorships and etc for their horse shows.  His dad found out about the first  one because he had them send it to his dad's e-mail address. He told him that he had the second one when he called wanting to know about e-mail he received. He ended up with the three all total  and then we went to see his grandpa, my hubby. He was surprised to see us. We were a little later then I thought, but I enjoyed my day of being chauffeur. I needed some light bulbs put in here at the house and he took care of that for me. I was suppose to get to spend time with both him and his little brother today, but his brother was sick. His brother ended up at the doctors office and he has strep throat. They put him on meds and he was feeling better this evening when I took his brother home.
     We only got lost once and had to turn around. We were actually right to start with we just hadn't gone far enough. The place that we were looking for was out in the boonies. We  looked around, but the saddles that they had were used. The money was almost as much as if you bought a brand new one. I wasn't that impressed. We had lunch at a new restaurant with him buying because he knew I wouldn't let him give me money or pay for the gas. For me it was just a grandma fix by spending the day with him. Sometimes having that change of scenery helps a lot. It gives you something else to think about.
     Today other then the wind, it was beautiful melting a lot of our snow. Just in time for possible more later in the week. Spring is just about a month away  only roughly a month away and really I can't wait. I will be happy to quit dressing in layers. To be able to wear something different. 
    Have you been watching the Olympics? I watched the ice dancing where we won gold. They made it look so easy. I have watch them grow up and skate on television. I have watch some other  sports that I don't normally watch. I just don't watch that much television anyway. I just have to have noise in the house. Do you have to have either the radio or television on whether you are watching or not. 
   Time to call it a day. Hope yours was good.


Vickie said...

Hi Shirley! We are having warmer temps here. So nice. The snow is starting to melt!
I like silence. ;)

Quinn said...

I like quiet. Even the sound of the humidifier running is more than I want to hear, and I turn it off sometimes! I think it's because I am actually hard of hearing, so my brain is always "trying" to hear, and therefore it's impossible for me to ignore background noises.
Sounds like a good day with your grandson. Glad you let him pay for lunch - it's nice to hear of a young person with a sense of responsibility.
Have a great day, Shirley!

Susie said...

Hello Shirley, How wonderful that you had a nice day with your grandson. I know that means a lot to you. I bet g.pa was happy to see him too. Hope you have agreat day. We are in for some warming....then later , tomorrow maybe some flooding, yikes. Take care, xoxo,Susie

Debby said...

A grandma fix is sometimes all we need.

Celestina Marie Design said...

Hi Shirley, Sounds like a special day with your handsome grandson.
Being together is always makes for a perfect day. I love a peaceful atmosphere but I do keep the TV, or music going most of the time just to give myself company.
Love the pic of your hubby below as he was crowned Nursing Home King. Such a wonderful party for him.
We hit 82 degrees yesterday here so I hope this means spring is on the way.
Happy Wednesday my friend.
p.s. I am just enjoying my tea towel so much!!

Beth said...

It has warmed up a bit but there is so much snow and ice here that I don't think it will melt until July.

Your grandson is a very handsome young man!

Louise Michie said...

Glad to hear that the cold weather is easing and that you are out and about. You certainly take an active interest in your grandsons. So nice.
I like a bit of noise at times. hate having the TV on, so I play my favourite CDs. Sometimes I sing along. It just takes the loneliness away and leaves comfortable solitude in its place.