Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day

     Do you have a  special Valentine's Day plans or is it just another day? Did you have a Valentine Party at school when you were growing up? We all have our own special way of celebrating a day. It is fun to watch the younger ones how they do for their celebration. My middle grandson decided he was just signing his name on the from spot then he could just put one in each of his classmates boxes without worrying about putting the wrong one in the wrong box. You know he just might have a good idea in that respect. The fun part was always making the heart sugar cookies and decorating them. You aren't allowed to send home made treats to school anymore.
     The memories of growing up can never be taken away from us. We look at each day forward as a day of making more memories, some may be fun and some may be painful, but that is life. To think about what we went through in our times and what the younger generation is going through today is really two different things. How do you explain something that is wrong when it is a parent that is doing what is wrong to a child growing up? What happen to teaching the child how to lose as well as win? I spent last Saturday watching my youngest grandson racing his pinewood Derby car. You watch them compete against each other and the expressions on some of the faces were happy when they won, but when that lost came, there were tears, with the parent telling the child the race was rigged. I thought what does that teach the child. My grandson couldn't care less what happened. He was there for the fun. He did come in 2nd in Districts which we were proud of him. After the race he went over to the little boy that won told him congratulations and shook his hand. They talked a few minutes about their cars. He lost by an inch to get to go again the second time with the same little boy. Grandma was really proud of him of where he place  and also what he did after the race. You don't see that much anymore. It is called sportsmanship
     My oldest grandson had to get all dressed up yesterday because the Governor was playing a visit to their school. They got  to observe the swearing in of the Agriculture Director for the state. There is over 80 kids in their FFA group.
    My grandson's basketball team play on Sunday. They won so far they have only lost one game. It was snowing when I left home and snowing when I came home. The car didn't cool off enough to have to clean snow off of it. It was enjoyable to watch. 
    Hubby is trying  really hard to walk and he is showing some progress. It took conversations to get what we wanted, but really I don't see why it has to be that way. If we could only get the problem resolved with them keep shoving his roommates bed over on his half of the room. Their solution is for my hubby to move. No that is not the solution there is other ways of resolving them. Why should he move when he was there first. We will see if anything happens or if we just got lip service yesterday. 
     This post has been a little of this and that. At least the sun is trying to shine and we are suppose to have warmer weather. It will just thaw and make for sloppy streets and ice when it refreezes. Oh the fun of winter. Have a safe and warm day. . 


Vickie said...

Hello Shirley! It is currently snowing here again. I am glad your husband is making progress. If only YOU could shove that bed back over!

Beth said...

Keep speaking out Shirley! That is the only way to get results!

Louise Michie said...

You are so good to stand up for your husband like that. Stick with it. Do not be bullied by the staff at that place. Your husband deserves the best. When he gets it the other residents learn and so does the staff. The result is an improvement for everyone. And it just starts with you. Champion!

Debby said...

I loved Valentines Day when I was young. Just the little paper valentines and making your own box. Now the valentines have to do something or include a toy or something to eat.
Good for your grandson. So true about how parents need to let them learn that being first isn't always the most important thing.
I don't understand why hubby's roommate or the staff are crowding him like that. You have to pay so much to be there he should have all the space he is entitled to for sure. I am so proud of him for trying so hard to walk.
(((((HUGS))))) Stay safe in this weather.

romance-of-roses said...

HI Shirley,
Always nice to hear about your grandsons, I enjoy that. Makes me upset to hear about your hubby and his problem there. Just keep trying that's all we can do, I use to do the same when my mother was in a home. We just cannot stop. Blessings...Lu

NanaDiana said...

I can tell how proud you are of your grandsons. They are the way they are because they have been raised to treat others with dignity and respect...that starts from you right on down to their parents. Good job, Shirley.

I hope you can get the problem resolved about your hubby's room. That is just ridiculous to expect him to move! I am glad he is making some progress in walking. He will feel a whole lot better about life in general if he is more mobile.

I loved Valentine's Day, too, when I was a kid. One year we made all our Valentines...but it was a small small class. I think I only had 10 kids in my grade.

My granddaughters are still allowed to take home made treats to their school but that is rare today. xo Diana

Mereknits said...

A little this and that is always good to get out of our systems. I am having a day like that myself.

Quinn said...

Glad your husband is making progress, Shirley. Well done you, sticking to your guns and keeping the pressure on to get him the attention he needs! I've often been the "squeaky wheel" and I don't enjoy it one bit, but when it gets results it feels worthwhile. And now with the room situation, sounds like it's still up to you to speak up yet again. Good thing you're there!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

It's wonderful that your hubby is still sticking with his walking regimen. Hope that you get something done about his room situation. You are great sticking up for him like you do! So many won't say anything and just accept what they are handed out.

We don't do much for Valentine's except maybe go out to eat. Hope you have a nice day!

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Good luck to you and your grandchildren!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Mom E. said...

Shirley dear,
Love your stories. Our son won the boat race they did one year instead of the Pinewood derby. Oh, IT WAS THE Raingutter Regatta! We were so shocked and surprised! he had fun and that was what mattered. He always congratulated the boys that won, even when he didn't win. WE were so shocked when he won, we laughed and laughed! He is a very talented kid and did well in school, still does well in college, but learned that it is Nice to be important, but it is more IMPORTANT to be Nice, Win or Lose, it's how you play the game, NICELY!

And, my dear girl, YOU are the winner of my Grow Your Blog Giveaway for followers who have been with me for a longer amount of time! There is a picture of what is in the kit on my blog. I do want you to know that I also want to give you the option of me making you a tag with some of those items, if you would prefer.
Please let me know what your physical address is, and if you would like me to make you a tag. We can discuss what you'd like the tag theme to be.
can't wait to visit with you about it!

Gert said...

Hi Shirley, sorry for the lateness of this comment...finally playing catch up! First, I know what you mean about two people in one room. We've had several family members go through this same thing;(

I remember valentines day at school...yes it was so exciting...maybe that is where I got the love of cards! And I remember sports...our little school never won (except once!) we were known as the best losers ever! (That was a compliment...!) You are right to be proud of your grandson...bless him!

Nothing special for V. Day here..I did buy a beautiful Carmel Apple that the Humane Society makes as a fund raiser! It was yummy! I didn't eat a lot of it, but Tom didn't mind eating my other half! Lol

Blessings to your day!