Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Catching Up

      Matt and his horse Fergie have had an exceptional Buckle Series. He doesn't do the games or it could have been more trophies. Watching him do the Novice Extreme Challenge put the end to the horse riding at our arena. He learn what Fergie didn't like, but she didn't buck with him. It was interesting to see what horses would do what was asked of them and what horses wouldn't. Several didn't like the big panda bear that they had to side pass to and put a cap on his head.  The evening was finished off with the awards dinner where trophies, ribbons, and belt buckles were presented to the kids.
      What he accomplished makes grandparents and parents very proud of him. His dad being the President of the club got to present all of the trophies and belt buckle to him which made it all the more better. I found out when I went with them to his last appointment how to read his face when he was having a dizzy spell. It is getting a little better, but he won't be through all of his sessions with the physical therapist until after the first of the year. 
     Jake and his partner got a trophy each for team of two barrels. The picture is of them waiting their turn to ride. She has two horses one that she shows elsewise and her game horse. Jake did his Johnny Fry leading the Pony Express 5 K run on Saturday. Tomorrow is his first contest of the year in soils. He says that he is ready for it and I am going to pick him and his buddy up in the morning to take them to school so they don't miss the bus. 
   Their bus to the house is not reliable at times. It is either early or late. Plus he didn't really want to wear his contest clothes on the bus to get them dirty. 
   Dad even got to ride Saturday afternoon on Charley. He had been farmed out this summer to a lady who gave riding lessons. The girls loved him. First one and then another were riding him around. He liked all of the attention. 
   I took a "me" day today. My day started off with a thunderstorm with lots of lightening and rain.I even lost my electricity for a little bit. I know the lightening sounded awfully close to the house. I don't sleep good when that happens. They say that we can expect some more storms tonight. That is just what I need. 
   I have spent three days up with hubby. We now have his eye injection scheduled for a week from today.We are trying that first to see if it works before they do surgery. They did a x-ray of his knee today to see if we can figure out why it won't support him at times. We have an appointment later in the month with the doctor for that. At least he hasn't been sick for a few days. Somebody brought a bug into them. He wasn't the only one that was sick. 
    The fingers have been busy to keep from getting stiff. I have to get my pictures taken of my latest towels. It gives me something else to think about. 
    A special prayer going out to those that are suffering from that nasty word  Cancer. I found out today that two of my classmates's cancer has returned. You just never know when that will happen. This month is Cancer Awareness month. 
   The Royals, Chiefs, both won their ballgame. The first time making the playoffs in 29 years. We have Nascar coming to Kansas City this weekend. Just a lot of activities lately. The Royals stadium was packed last night looking at the pictures on the news. 
   Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. Have a good one and take care.  



Debby said...

Congratulations to your grand son. Is the dizzness related to his ears. You have been so busy with all that goes on with the boys and your husband. I wish that could be easier for you.

Debby said...
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NanaDiana said...

I can see why you are so proud of ALL your horse riding boys. I am glad they took some awards and ribbons and Dad presenting the prizes was the best part of all. He must have been so proud.

I sure hope the eye injections work for your hubby and that they can figure out what is wrong with his knee. It is good that he is feeling better, too. That was a bad bug that got in there with them.

I am glad you took a ME day for yourself. You certainly needed that. I don't think you do that often enough but I know what it is like to be busy with your hubby and grandkids, too.

Yes- Cancer is a terrible thing and NO ONE is immune to it. You just never know. That is why I try to enjoy every day to the fullest.

Blessings and prayers- xo Diana

Rebecca Nelson said...

Hello my Missouri FRIEND. It was so good to see your name today on my bloggie.

I love all the pics...congrats to your grandson. You all must be so proud and feel so blessed.


Blessings to you and love!


Vickie said...

We are expecting a thunderstorm tonight also.
I will be praying for your husband and you.♥

Mereknits said...

those boys looks so handsome and accomplished. Dad sure looks like he was having fun. Hugs to you Shirley glad you are doing well and enjoying Fall and all of the boys events.