Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Weekend

   Today I spent a cold damp day at Pumpkin Fest where the club sold Dutch Oven Cobblers for three days. Starting on Friday afternoon and evening. The weather didn't cooperate with us that is for sure. The wagon was one of the decorations at the Pony Express Museum. If you love history and visit our city, it is one of the places that you should check out along with the Patee House Museum located close by. Our city has the history for people who enjoy that kind of things. 
   Today we sold quite a bit of coffee, hot peach, berry-berry, cherry, pumpkin cobblers and apple crisp all cooked in a dutch oven with the charcoal. You could have ice cream on top if you wanted. It hit the spot while it was still hot. The weather didn't cooperate this year with mist part of the day and started to rain as it was coming to the end.  
 I couldn't get a close up and get all the pumpkins in that were carved by a lot of people. They lit the wall on Friday night, but the evenings was just to cold and damp for me to go and try to get a picture. They had a lot of bales of hay for people to sit on to watch them.You could take a carriage ride if you wanted to do so. My oldest grandson helped take the   pictures. I have some more of the wild west characters that were roaming the grounds that I will show you in another post, but I need permission first. 
   The clubs booth was up the street behind the horse and carriage. I thought about taking a ride, but didn't.
   Yesterday I spent the day at the Nursing home. They had a car, truck, and motorcycle show. A lot of them brought back the memories. They had free hot dogs, chips, drinks and ice cream. It was warmer and you had sunshine, but I forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures. Hubby could watch the cars, trucks, and motorcycles arrive out his window. It filled the area where we normally park when we go visit. It was cool to start with frost, but the sun warmed it up later.
   It was an enjoyable day taking hubby outside several different times. I just wish I had taken my camera so I could have taken a few pictures of the neat looking cars. 
   My son and grandson came and picked me up today so I didn't have to drive. Needless to say I brought cobbler home with me and if I want it warm all I have to do is warm it up in the microwave. 
  It sure wasn't this kind of weather 18 years ago when our daughter got married. It really doesn't seem that long ago. This year has absolutely flown by and I don't really know where it has gone. This month is half gone already. 
   I hope you all had a good weekend. I would just liked to have seen a little more sunshine. We even managed to have some rain in the mix. You all take care and have a good week.


Vickie said...

That is the most awesome horse and carriage ride I have ever seen Shirley! Take care.♥

Mereknits said...

Sorry the weather didn't cooperate during the festival, but so glad it did for your day at the nursing home with the fun cars.
Hugs to you Shirley,

Charlotte Huffman said...

Other than the weather, it sounds like a fun weekend. I would have loved to ride in that carriage. Hope hubby is doing well.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- too bad it was so cold and miserable for your outside venue. But- it sounds like you did okay anyway in spite of the bad weather. That apple cobbler sure sounds good!

How nice they did that show at the nursing home and that your hubby was able to get out and enjoy it a bit with you. I am sure that did him good.

How nice of the kids to pick you up so you didn't have to drive.

I know what you mean. It doesn't seem possible that it was 18 years ago, I'm sure. Time just flies by and the older I get the faster it goes. xo Diana

Melody Brown said...

Hi Shirley!
My comp is down at home..looking for new carrier, e-mail, and phone service. Dad has been on and out of the hospital since last Aug. That's how I'm on the comp today..he's back in. He's doin fine..Mom's ok. Glad all is well with you. Since 'm not in Bloglandia you can always reach me at 5137088106