Sunday, October 26, 2008


The color is getting to be really pretty if you go south, but it hasn't got that far north. This color is from my back yard which is getting there, but not all of the way as of yet. This group of trees we planted when we first built our home over 42 years ago. When we built our home it was like living in country only we were in the city limits. We had the deer that would come close enough to the house that I could look out my window and see them. Now we have a houing development built up all around us. We don't get to see near the wild life that we use to do.

The top picture is in our back acre the trees were very small when we planted them. When our yard is all mowed it looks like a park, which some of the neighbor kids think that it is and belongs to the city. They have tried riding their 4 wheelers and dirt bikes back there. They escape the ice storm last year but my two blue spruces did not.

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