Thursday, October 2, 2008

Any body for a Ride

A beautiful day for two little boys to go horse back riding with Trica leading Charley. All you had to do was ask if they wanted to go for a ride and they were right there. They had such a good time. Our oldest grandson was riding Money what a name for a horse. He was suppose to ride in a couple of events, but changed his mind after he saw what he was going to be doing. He hasn't been riding this horse that long yet. They were having a raffle on a couple of pictures, one of two mule heads and the other of a horse framed with barnwood. They were really neat. I thought I was just making a donation, but I actually won the horse picture. Ethan in grandpa's cowboy hat is 3 and Matt will be 4 this month. It was a beautiful day but everybody was tired. Ethan took a 4 hour nap after being out in the fresh air. I fell asleep in the chair that evening.

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