Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hot Saturday

Today has been hot and windy. We had such an unusual July with the weather cooler then normal that I think this month is going to more then make up for it. We had 96 today with a 105 heat index. The pollen count is high so the allergies are giving me problems.
We can be thankful that the birthday party was last weekend when it was much nicer. I keep thinking about our son and family. They went to Branson before school starts. I don't know where the summer has gone. It seemed like it just got started. We went to our friends 50Th wedding anniversary. They were so surprised. She had her wedding gown on a form there for everyone to see. It was absolutely beautiful. I saw her daughter who ice skated with our daughter. It was so much fun talking about the good old days as we like to call them.
I have another one of my tea towels done. I have a three ready to put the border on. I had such a stressful week that I spent quite a little time embroidering to help me relax before I would call it a day. Monday, I hope will be back to normal as much as possible. Maybe I can get my work done instead of being down stairs.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I will just have to wait and see how hot it is going to be. We may stay pretty close to home in the air conditioning.
Have a wonderful weekend of what is left.

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Melody said...

Hi Shirley!
It's been in the 90's here Sat-Mon with humidity. Stayed in air too. Lots of mold, but now its going back into the low 80's lower this global warming. Ya know they keep saying we're all hurting the environment and causing this weather. To a certain point I'll say we impact the environment, but if the north and south artic pole areas and antarctica have oil, that ment there were plants and animals up there, which ment it was a lot warmer than now. They know over 30,000 yrs ago to be exact, so my question is if it was warmer back then whose fault was it? I mean no cars, factories, plastic, refineries...I'm just sayin.
Oh well, Love the strawberry motif towel!
....friends stitched together by embroidery threads.....